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AlexDaniel` c: sprintf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff; printf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff 08:44
committable6 AlexDaniel`, ¦sprintf: «Cannot find this revision (did you mean “Berlin”?)»
AlexDaniel` * 6c: sprintf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff; printf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff 08:45
6c: sprintf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $, $ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff; printf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $, $ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff
committable6 AlexDaniel`, gist.github.com/b071d27f42552ee45d...df84c552bc
AlexDaniel` uh, so apparently only in the REPL 08:48
6c: sprintf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff; sprintf "ux%04x = '%c'\n", $_, $_ for 0x2500 .. 0x25ff 09:04
committable6 AlexDaniel`, ¦6c (49 commits): «»
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lizmat Files=1345, Tests=117140, 232 wallclock secs (30.29 usr 8.92 sys + 3204.67 cusr 308.04 csys = 3551.92 CPU) 09:49
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Geth_ rakudo: stoned++ created pull request #4055:
Fix typo
stoned75 hi. I was working on adding documentation for env var {RAKU,PERL6}_TEST_TIMES when I found the typo for wich I made the preceding PR 11:06
Now I'm wondering if the typo should be documented, as it had been out there for more than 6 months :-} 11:07
Geth_ rakudo: d84ed4e946 | (Stoned Elipot)++ | lib/Test.rakumod
Fix typo
rakudo: 551b679579 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Test.rakumod
Merge pull request #4055 from stoned/test-times-typo

Fix typo
rakudo: 15ec4fe672 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/packages/Test/Helpers.pm6
Move "is test-assertion" to candidates

Apparently, it is not being seen if it just lives on the proto, probably because the proto is not seen in callframe walking?
roast: 58b3ad5f16 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | packages/Test-Helpers/lib/Test/Util.pm6
Move "is test-assertion" from proto to candidates

Apparently, the protos are not seen in a callframe walk, and this causes the "is test-assertion" marker to be missed.
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lizmat stoned75: feels to me the lack of documentation inhibited the widespread adoption of that feature :-) 12:22
so no need to document the typo
stoned75 ok understood 12:27
I suppose the test timing feature predates 6c, because since 6c a native num var has a NaN default value, thus a timed test with no plan results in an 't=NaN' output 12:31
try something like env RAKU_TEST_TIMES=1 raku -e 'use Test; pass 1;' 12:32
vs env RAKU_TEST_TIMES=1 raku -e 'use Test; plan 1; pass 1;'
lizmat FWIW, at several occassions I was very close to ripping that feature out 12:33
stoned75 eh :)
lizmat I'm not sure what it is for, really, or if anybody is using it
patrickb ping tyil 12:42
tyil pong
patrickb I want to extend our binary release filenames with the toolchain used (msvc, gcc, clang) 12:43
so rakudo-moar-2019.11.02-01-linux-x86_64.tar.gz -> rakudo-moar-2019.11.02-01-linux-x86_64-gcc.tar.gz
That would also affect the star builds.
tyil yes, but that should be easily adaptable on my end 12:44
patrickb So you are not against it?
tyil it should be fine, so go ahead :> 12:45
patrickb I'm in progress of adapting rakudo.org respectively. Plan is to write a small script, that bulk renames all existing releases accordingly.
lizmat patrickb++ tyil++
tyil the existing rakudo stars come bundled, so they shouldn't be affected
patrickb (I'm unsure about the bulk rename though. Has potential for breaking things for users that somehow rely on the old archive names).
tyil if moarvm 2020.12 has it, I have a full month to update it in rakudo star
I would suggest against renaming existing tars for that reason, yes 12:46
but it shouldn't affect r* itself
patrickb tyil: What compilers do you use for the respective platforms?
tyil I believe its using gcc in all circumstances right now (since I haven't incorporated mac/win builds) 12:47
patrickb the monthly prebuilt releases use: win-msvc, mac-clang, linux-gcc 12:48
[Tux] Rakudo v2020.11-24-g15ec4fe67 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2020.11-1-gca5d19d21
csv-ip5xs0.813 - 0.867
csv-ip5xs-207.751 - 7.918
csv-parser25.484 - 26.315
csv-test-xs-200.384 - 0.385
test7.548 - 7.865
test-t1.934 - 1.972
test-t --race0.853 - 0.867
test-t-2032.879 - 33.138
test-t-20 --race9.622 - 10.087
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tyil vrurg: is the RSC meeting next Sunday still going to be using zoom? 13:18
Altai-man releasable6, status 13:21
releasable6 Altai-man, Next release in ≈27 days and ≈5 hours. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
Altai-man, Details: gist.github.com/ebb6fd1bf3c8923e89...90851b5c5c
lizmat afk for a few hours& 13:30
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Geth_ rakudo: 7c0a81f501 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Make the REPL a little bit smarter

Basically, any line that does *not* create any direct output to STDOUT, becomes part of the code that will be executed whenever the next line is input. This is a behaviour similar to what is done when a line is deemed incomplete. The only difference is, is that this new behaviour will not be visible because of a prompt ... (9 more lines)
MasterDuke vrurg, timotimo: another example of a performance regression from thundergnat over in #raku. a rough comparison of profiles looks like inlining and scalar replacement. on 2010.10 both were 99%, on HEAD it was 60% and 44% 15:52
also, only one gc on 2020.10 but 300+ on HEAD. and essentially 100% jitted on 2020.10, but only 60% on HEAD 15:53
lizmat++ 15:54
Altai-man lizmat++ # just simply awesome 16:03
MasterDuke, was commit bisected? 16:08
MasterDuke no(t yet)
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MasterDuke sena_kun, vrurg: bisects to the same as dogbert17's example, 1f090e04dcd4ed 16:23
linkable6 (2020-11-15) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/1f090e04dc Merge pull request #3891 from vrurg/raku_1285
sena_kun That's something I suspected. :| 16:24
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Kaiepi now that the release is made, any comments on github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/243 ? 17:12
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patrickb I do not have access to the rakudo.org repository anymore (access got lost during the Perl6 -> rakudo move I guess). 20:42
Can someone either give me access again or merge the two open PRs? Please. :-) 20:43
vrurg patrickb: 54 and 55? 20:45
Ah, same problem. I neither have access now.
patrickb Whoever does have access: Can you please add vrurg back again as well? 20:47
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lizmat lemme see what I can do 21:17
vrurg patrickb should have access now 21:19
vrurg lizmat: thanks! 21:20
lizmat merged the PRs as well
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Geth_ rakudo: f2f2cf8246 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 44 files
Remove all easily removable nqp::stmts

Basically, whenever an nqp::stmts aligned with an outer scope, and it was already laid out in a familiar way (to me at least). Another step toward de-nqpifying the core setting.
Should not have any semantic changes, nor noticeable performance effects. Should allow for better error reporting (because an execution error inside an nqp::stmts is reported at the start of the nqp::stmts, which can be a long way off from the actual location of the error).
lizmat and that concludes my hacking for today& 23:33
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