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Xliff In MoarVM's Configure.Pl, even with "--debug" I am getting "-O3 -DNDEBUG" in my CFLAGS. Is this intentional? 10:17
If not, can "--debug" turn these flags off?
nine Xliff: run with --debug --optimize=0 10:18
MasterDuke i usually do --debug=3, but i don't know exactly how much of a difference the =3 makes
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patrickb .tell tony-o Did you know JRaspass and JJAtria[m] are working on a pure-Raku modules.raku.org replacement? You should probably start a conversation on how to best integrate the fez ecosystem. 10:32
tellable6 patrickb, I'll pass your message to tony-o
JRaspass i saw that, i resume auth would be fez:xxx rather than cpan:xxx or github:xxx, etc? 10:33
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patrickb JRaspass: Give me a moment. I can look that up. 10:33
JRaspass no rush, git{hub,lab} etc doesn't even work yet 😂 10:34
patrickb The ecosystem itself is currently called `zef`. A p6c mirror is also available called `zef-p6c`. 10:36
I have very high hopes for this new ecosystem. So I'm very interested to have this integrated in a modules index website (especially because modules.raku.org does not yet support the new zef eco) 10:38
JRaspass: More explicitly the auths will be called zef:xxx and zef-p6c:xxx. See github.com/tony-o/raku-fez/blob/ma...akumod#L23 10:40
JRaspass so p6c is ecosystem/META.list, and zef-p6c is a mirror of that? 10:41
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patrickb Correct. 10:42
JRaspass yeah and the auth on those (32.zef.pm) seems to be like i'd expect, github:xxx, gitlab:xxx, etc.
so i could use that mirror to avoid fetching all the meta files but in practice im planning to have all the git checkouts so i can ingest markdown, git tags, etc 10:43
looks fun though, needs SSL ;-) 10:44
oh it has it, just no redir
patrickb If I understand correctly, zef-p6c automatically tunes the META files to fix a problem with those. Not sure about the details though.
The new eco is in development still. So things are still changing. 10:47
JRaspass same for raku land ;-)
patrickb I'd love to see you guys get in contact and push raku land and the zef eco forward together. :-) 10:48
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JRaspass so i know that over in the perl land cpanm uses the metacpan api, but i feel package installer and listings are sep enough that zef/fez whatever should probably use its own json apis to install, though that said server side search is quite nice once the ecosystem gets large enough that giant json files are problamatic to download every time 10:51
our search is fairly crude atm, its just pg fts 10:52
patrickb Fine for now I guess. 10:54
JRaspass it does at least handle `foo bar` matching `foo::bar` which is more than modules.raku iirc
anyways tl;dr happy to support any new ecosystems, need to handle dists with overlapping auth so it should be no skin off our noses 10:56
patrickb Have to leave. o/ 11:01
JRaspass o/
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MasterDuke timotimo: looks like you didn't make appimage releases for 2020.11 and 2020.12? 12:14
timotimo oh, not yet i guess 12:38
thanks for the ping, i'll poke it later
MasterDuke thanks 12:39
Geth ¦ problem-solving: ash assigned to JJ Issue Subdomain for the Raku Course github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/257 12:58
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: lizmat assigned to rba Issue Subdomain for the Raku Course github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/257 13:43
¦ problem-solving: lizmat unassigned from JJ Issue Subdomain for the Raku Course github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/257
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sena_kun lizmat, no clear regressions found. 14:35
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lizmat sena_kun: thanks! 16:18
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[Tux] Rakudo v2020.12-35-g4d40e23e0 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2020.12-34-g14708e989
csv-ip5xs0.822 - 0.869
csv-ip5xs-207.903 - 8.484
csv-parser26.653 - 26.770
csv-test-xs-200.383 - 0.388
test7.564 - 7.769
test-t1.906 - 1.924
test-t --race0.947 - 0.981
test-t-2030.365 - 32.595
test-t-20 --race9.881 - 9.928
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