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nine This is the second failure of this kind: app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/...jobs/10171 11:02
t/09-moar/11-inline-hash-key.t .................................. Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
MasterDuke well, on my remove_spesh_optimization_if_it_has_too_many_deopts branch (and the make_MVMSpeshCandidate branch before i fixed all the problems), if i don't set GC_DEBUG = 3, then the consistent segfault i get is always in MVM_str_hash_key_is_valid. maybe there's something about the hash code that makes likely-not-related problems appear there 11:09
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nine MasterDuke: that test seems to fail consistently on Mac OS 11:44
app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/...jobs/10173 11:45
I've now run it 3 times and it always failed
Altai-man_ yay, a blocker 11:46
lizmat nine: that link requires me to give CircleCI access to *all* of my repos, including my private ones 11:57
so that's a nono
at least for me :-( 11:58
nine lizmat: it doesn't say any more than that line I posted :/ 12:02
lizmat ah, ok
BTW, time for another MoarVM bump? 12:03
I'll take that as a yes :-) 12:13
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lizmat nqp/rakudo bumped 12:31
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MasterDuke i haven't gotten any segfaults, etc in that test yet, but running it in a loop with a spectest running at the same time produces lots of test fails because AT-KEY wasn't inlined 13:07
oh, i do have moarvm built with --optimize=0 13:08
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tbrowder howdy, folks.: is the github.com:raku/planet.raku.org the source for 16:38
.ask lizmat is the github.com:Raku/planet.raku.org one of the sources for the weekly? 16:39
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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lizmat .tell tbrowder planet.raku.org is 17:20
tellable6 lizmat, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
tbrowder so how do i register an rss for it? 17:21
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lizmat a PR for github.com/Raku/planet.raku.org/bl...perlanetrc 17:25
tellable6 2021-02-04T16:39:54Z #raku-dev <tbrowder> lizmat is the github.com:Raku/planet.raku.org one of the sources for the weekly? 17:26
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tbrowder lizmat: thnx, 18:07
lizmat: i haven't looked yet but does it use the atom format? 18:08
as well as rss?
lizmat I have no idea what the format in that file is... I just copy pasted any changes :-)
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[Coke] lizmat: github.com/Raku/planet.raku.org/bl...perlanetrc mentions raku-infra which doesn't appear to be a thing. 19:19
lizmat then it should probably be removed ? 19:20
[Coke] oops. nevermind, I had a typo.
lizmat I removed some dead entries a while ago
[Coke] (you're in the correctly spelled one.)
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tbrowder lizmat: gotcha! thnx 20:01
i should have asked this on #raku, sorry 20:02
lizmat m: say <a b c>.Bag (|) <c d e>.Bag # argh, looks like /me found a bug 20:55
evalable6 Bag(a b c d e)
lizmat m: say <a b c c>.Bag (|) <c d e>.Bag 20:57
evalable6 Bag(a b c(2) d e)
lizmat ah... it takes the highest number found, for baggy addition use (+) 20:59
tyil can anyone tell me who signs the rakudo-moar package as found on rakudo.org? the key ID is 7A6C9EB8809CFEAF0ED4E09F18C438E6FF24326D 22:18
MasterDuke it's probably Altai-man_/sena_kun 22:22
Altai-man_ that's me 22:38
Anything I can be helpful with? 22:40
`gpg2 --search-keys 7A6C9EB8809CFEAF0ED4E09F18C438E6FF24326D` gives me `Naoum Hankache [email@hidden.address] so this is not me. 22:44
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