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bartolin since geth is still on vacation: I've just github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4195. It brings a small change to the Makefile (order of directories for Rakudo's 'make test'). I'm optimistic this won't break anything, but in case it does please let me know (or revert). 10:38
*just merged 10:39
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lizmat notable6: weekly 13:04
notable6 lizmat, No notes for “weekly”
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/02/08/2021-...-remaster/ 17:10
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Xliff \o 18:37
tellable6 2021-02-06T13:05:11Z #raku-dev <moritz> xliff you can simply have the handler be a function, and call that in two routes: get -> '' { your_handler() }; get -> 'this', 'month' { your_handler };
2021-02-06T13:05:41Z #raku-dev <moritz> Xliff maybe you can also use a junction for the path, haven't tried that though
Xliff moritz++ # tellable
I'd like to seriously reopen the issue of getting large scale code installed. 18:38
As per ugexe, this is not a zef issue, but a CURI one.
The problem: Precompilation via CURI takes a long time. I'd like to be able to give the user more information (and use parallel precompiling)
Is this something that should be fixed/added to CURI or should something else be developed? 18:39
Is this even the proper forum for such a discusson, or would #raku-dev or even problem-solving be a better place?
^^ lizmat jnthn ugexe moritz AlexDaniel jmerelo 18:40
lizmat Xliff: you missed nine in this list 18:41
Xliff ^^ lizmat jnthn ugexe moritz AlexDaniel jmerelo nine
lizmat++ 18:42
lizmat nine has been working on in-process pre-compilation, which should allow for a. faster precomp (no startup overhead per file being precomped) and would allow for more naturel hypering
*natural 18:43
Xliff lizmat: I know. I helped build the prototype for that. :)
lizmat ok :-)
Xliff My issue is that there has to be a way to get CURI to use the new functionality.
I don't know if CURI was ever developed with hooks to allow for a custom installation procedure. 18:44
lizmat CURI isn't the hook, $*REPO is 18:52
CURI is just *a* way to install modules
Xliff: if it's about a production environment, perhaps *installing* precomp files could be a solution? 18:53
if you want custom installation procedures, you need to develop your own CompUnit::Repository::Xliff module 18:55
afk for a few hours&
Xliff lizmat: Thanks for the suggestion. Are there any docs on how that would work. Looking forward to your answers when you get back. 18:59
lizmat: For a production environment, I would expect to installing from pre-packaged binaries, ala deb, rpm, etc 19:00
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Xliff After a "rakudobrew build moar-blead", not getting this from a Cro project: 20:18
Error while compiling /home/cbwood/Projects/CroCalendar/site#sources/E75E4286130FA3666E88CB52AE3CA0187776B692 (Cro::HTTP::Router::WebSocket) 20:20
Missing or wrong version of dependency 'gen/moar/stage2/NQPHLL.nqp' (from 'site#sources/C223DF36B97268CA54BFBCF1C7C6BCDB9B0B32EA (Crypt::Random)')
Looks like something didn't recompile properly with latest rakudo binary? 20:21
As it is, I don't expect an error reporting core NQP files as a good thing. 20:22
This is on: Welcome to Rakudo(tm) v2020.12-122-g3f1607f8d. 20:23
Implementing the Raku(tm) programming language v6.d.
Built on MoarVM version 2020.12-98-gf6c505dae.
sena_kun Xliff, do you work with rakubrew or rakudobrew?
Xliff rakudobrew 20:26
Isn't rakubrew the latest version of rakudobrew?
sena_kun Xliff, yes, more of a rework, I think. 20:27
Xliff FWIW, I've never had this problem with rakudobrew before. Smells like a build issue, but I reserve the right to be completely wrong.
sena_kun Xliff, this is a build issue for sure, I am just not sure where you were before trying to update. I think there was a point in some months ago where one needs a rebuild (as in wipe and build) rather than an update&build, so possibly that would be it. 20:29
Xliff *sigh* 20:30
If the build error occured, it would have to be within the last week.
sena_kun This is a sigh indeed. :(
Xliff I rakudobrew weekly. Last time was 1/31
Correction... 2/4 20:31
Or 20210204
sena_kun I am sure lizmat can know more. I am in a real pinch here with building rakudo for last weeks, completely useless fellow.
Xliff Not at all. BTW your tutorial on Cro::Webapp is what I am using to work on my Calendar project. 20:32
Unfortunately, I can't test my latest changes due to above error.
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sena_kun Xliff, rakudobrew nuke moar-blead; rakudobrew build moar-blead? 20:33
Xliff sena_kun: Unfortunately, that is an unacceptable solution.
I mean, as an absolute last ditch thing, it's better to have a solution. 20:34
But I have too much in modules invested in the current rakudobrew.
As rakudo gets larger, that solution will become less acceptable over time.
What was the problem that forced this issue? 20:35
sena_kun: Also, it's odd this is happening only for Cro::WebApp 20:39
I have yet to run into any issues recompiling my p6-GLib line
I'm running my weekly builds of all 30-ish projects, and haven't run into this error. 20:40
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