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tbrowder hi, why does list have .first but no .last? 11:53
it has begin/end head/tail
symmetry is lta 11:54
and it's confusing
sorry, no begin 11:57
so why no begin either? 11:58
lizmat tbrowder: because "last" already exists as a sub 12:01
so it would be confusing
you can add the :end adverb to .first 12:02
m: dd ^10 .first(Int, :end)
evalable6 9
lizmat list has begin ?
tbrowder forgot about last, sorry (but i did search in docs but must have missed seeing it). didn't know about :end, thnx. i guess i'll just have to say head/tail 100 times ;-D 12:04
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lizmat dd ^10 .first(:end) 12:05
evalable6 9
lizmat I guess that's the equivalent of tail
also note that you can specify a number with head/tail
m: ^10 .tail(5)
lizmat m: dd ^10 .tail(5)
evalable6 (5, 6, 7, 8, 9).Seq
lizmat m: dd ^10 .head(5)
evalable6 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4).Seq
lizmat you can't with .first 12:06
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