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tbrowder sena_kun: PDF::Document self-reference has been fixed for blin 12:13
sena_kun tbrowder++
tbrowder may i please get a commit bit for planet.raku.org from someone? 12:14
moritz that's maintained by rba, ^^ 12:32
tbrowder ok, thnx 12:41
.ask rba may i please have a commit bit for github.com/Raku/planet.raku.org. i'm trying to make it a bit more useful for those wanting to get blogs tied in to the website via rss or atom feeds. 12:44
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to rba
rba tbrowder: I have given you the access. In case the change is not promoted, let me know. Might need a restart on the server. 12:53
tbrowder rba: thank you, and will do. 12:54
codesections I'm working on my first non-trivial PR to rakudo, and I'm finding that my normal "write code→run→refactor" loop is resulting in me waiting for `make` to rebuild rakudo quite often. Am I missing something obvious that would let me iterate faster, or is that just the cost of working with a codebase of this size? 13:53
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MasterDuke codesections: it depends what you're changing. if it's just an individual sub/method, sometime you can just write a new one (maybe in a module), and have existing code call your new one (might need an augment or wrap) 14:00
zoffix wrote an article a while ago about contributing to rakudo that had a couple other suggestions
but i don't remember the title of the article 14:01
codesections thanks, I think I found it: perl6.party/post/Newcomer-Guide-to...ore-Perl-6 14:03
MasterDuke hm, istr something more in-depth. maybe there's a follow-up? 14:04
ah perl6.party/post/Hacking-on-Rakudo...mixyourfix is probably what i was thinking of 14:07
codesections Thanks, that does look a lot more detailed. I'll take a look 14:09
performance question: I just realized that other lines in the file I'm working in use nqp even though it's late enough in the bootstrap process that the equivalent Raku methods are available (e.g., nqp::split vs .split). Is that for perf reasons or just a stylistic choice? 14:27
MasterDuke if i had to guess a percentage, i'd say ~98% of not-required use of nqp is for performance 14:30
codesections Ok, good to know. I'll follow the lead of the surrounding code, then
releasable6 Next release in ≈4 days and ≈3 hours. 2 blockers. Please log your changes in the ChangeLog: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/ChangeLog-Draft 15:00
vrurg .tell sena_kun I think it makes sense to do an out of band Blin run. Looks like the last NQP bump brought in some moar SEGVs. 15:27
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to sena_kun
sena_kun vrurg, 1168 out of 1569 modules processed with Pakku right now. There are issues with zef I have no time to dig into right now. 15:28
SEGVs are very bad news, I can easily imagine skipping next release again.
vrurg I currently observe reliable fail with a could of Red tests. Can do my own Blin to see if there are any more. 15:29
s/could/couple/ 15:30
sena_kun vrurg, I'll post the results once its done.
vrurg Oki, thanks!
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[Tux] Rakudo v2020.12-129-g291cc5f39 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2020.12-100-gc93531608
csv-ip5xs0.807 - 0.832
csv-ip5xs-207.952 - 8.139
csv-parser26.696 - 27.154
csv-test-xs-200.388 - 0.405
test8.442 - 8.685
test-t1.800 - 2.160
test-t --race0.878 - 0.944
test-t-2029.897 - 31.163
test-t-20 --race8.982 - 9.476
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sena_kun vrurg, pinging back. I got a lot of timeouts, about 100 modules (some due to dependencies) fell for that reason, Red as well, so cannot confirm and hand testing is important here. I will try to look at zef tonight. 18:32
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sena_kun started zef-based Blin run 21:05
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