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lizmat misses the sounds of commits merging :-( 10:59
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Kaeipi i have a performance problem with my solution for problem-solving #111 15:08
i have a vague idea of how to fix it, but i'm not sure how to go about things backend-wise
the gist is, when performing a dns resolution, the backend boxes every single address received from the A and AAAA dns queries made; before, no addresses were being boxed 15:09
how might i box the addresses lazily?
maybe async dns would be faster... 15:19
[Coke] reads jmerelo's SoD proposal and has one takeaway question: YAS has a dba for The Raku Foundation?? 15:23
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Kaeipi the boxing doesn't seem to be what's slowing things down... hm 16:02
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jmerelo Finishing up the Season of docs proposal perl-foundation-outreach.github.io...posal-2021 16:37
Unless you find something big missing, this is going to be it
[Coke] jmerelo: is there an announcement somewhere about "The Raku Foundation" ? 16:38
codesect` [Coke]: that's actually still in progress. Here's the Problem Solving PR about it: github.com/Raku/problem-solving/pull/267 16:40
[Coke] Looks like there is a rakufoundation.org website but it's got a sketchy cert and takes you to a login screen
codesect` there was some back-and-forth in a related issue before that 16:41
[Coke] codesect`: jmerelo's proposal makes it sound much strong than "in progress"
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codesect` well, it is expected to be very soon. We've asked YAS (last Friday) to create the DBA, and they indicated that it shouldn't be a problem and that they'd get back to us once it was officially approved 16:43
it doesn't yet have a website, but will soon – but it'll be at raku.foundation rather than on a .org domain 16:44
codesect` logs out briefly to get his correct nick 16:45
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jmerelo [Coke]: it's been approved already by the Perl Foundation, as far as I know. 16:50
raku.foundation is already opeative, but pointing at raku.org 16:51
[Coke]: so the timing might not be exactly right, but it will happen before the proposal is approved (or rejected) 16:52
[Coke]: anyway, if you think that's a problem, just let me know. Also, I've applied, as you have seen, for two volunteer stipends. I would really appreciate if you could help with this, should it be approved. 16:53
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nwc10 dev.azure.com/Rakudo/rakudo/_build...ff75bff664 lets me drill down to "An unexpected error has occurred within this region of the page." "Error: The operation is insecure." 18:32
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[Coke] .tell jmerelo - hadn't heard anything about TRF, so was just curious, I trust you on the timing. I cannot guarantee I have any time to support the project, sorry 21:17
tellable6 [Coke], I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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[Coke] where is the match logic for 'a' ~~ /'a'/ ? src/core.c/Match.pm6? 21:44
MasterDuke [Coke]: at what level? i think all the actual regex *implementation* is in nqp 21:45
[Coke] ok 21:46
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[Coke] m: say "fiddle" ~~ /:ignorecase fidd/ 21:50
camelia 「fid」
[Coke] Looking at that, the code in NQP does a .fc on the string, but with no regard to the fact that .chars might change. Wonder how hard it would be to track all the cursor information that we have to adjust at that point and update it. If we have to pass it around, that'll be unfun. 21:51
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Xliff \o 22:38
tellable6 2021-03-22T13:45:17Z #raku <vrurg> Xliff having an issue for that would be better.
Xliff Given "sub a ($a, $b, $c) { ... }; a(1, 42, 'Blub')" is there a way to get the arguments a was called with, without the use of the parameters themselves? 22:39
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[Coke] m: sub a ($a, $b, $c) { dd DYNAMIC:: }; a(1, 42, 'Blub') 23:19
camelia PseudoStash.new(("\$!" => Nil,"\$*DISPATCHER" => Mu,"\$/" => Nil,"\$_" => Any,"\$a" => 1,"\$b" => 42,"\$c" => "Blub","\$¢" => Nil))
[Coke] that's not quite what you're looking for. 23:20
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