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Geth rakudo: dee861bed4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/List.pm6
Revert List.join subclassability wrt Str

Along outcome of same discussion with jnthn yesterday.
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Geth star: 0cb1f39d88 | (Patrick Spek)++ | etc/modules.txt
Bump zef to v0.11.7
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tbrowder hi, anyone here care to talk about rap 17:10
*not rap, DateTime class and family classes? 17:11
lizmat doesn't want to add any attrs, but what about changing Dateish attr daycount to Num or Real instead of an Int 17:13
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japhb tbrowder: Hmmm, I think people may have come to expect daycount to be a whole number at this point. Could do a search of the ecosystem and see what's there in modules at least. 17:45
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tbrowder good point, thnx. 19:55
maybe a version E thing 19:56
tonyo are you thinking to store fraction of the day in it? 19:57
tbrowder yes, kind of. if we can do it with ver E i would like to just make it julian-date (or modified-julian-date) and contain the fraction 19:59
and remove daycount
tonyo iirc dateish is just the date and not actually the time, no? 20:00
or, it contains no time info? 20:01
tbrowder yes, but it also included earlier and later which uses time. if using datish and making it modfied-julisn
*modified-julian-date the fraction would be zero for a date with zeros for time 20:02
[Tux] Rakudo v2021.03-186-gdee861bed (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.03-50-g948128995
csv-ip5xs0.836 - 0.849
csv-ip5xs-208.197 - 8.607
csv-parser26.992 - 28.431
csv-test-xs-200.374 - 0.375
test7.832 - 8.257
test-t1.062 - 1.078
test-t --race0.900 - 0.901
test-t-2033.124 - 34.294
test-t-20 --race9.692 - 10.626
Currently also running on myu new PC, just too see how much fater it is 20:03
but all "use Text::CSV_XS:from<Perl5>;"'s ones fail, so it needs more work on that box 20:09
fixed 20:20
(zef required --exclude=perl) 20:21
I added install/share/perl6/core/precomp to the cleanup process before the process: it grew *HUGE* 20:24
It had no influence on the test results. almost the same, but I expected nothing else. 20:27
tbrowder if i try this major change PR for version 'e' would i start with new versions of the changed classes in src/core.e? 20:33
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vrurg tbrowder: yes. 22:16
tbrowder ok, thnx, any forecast for ver 'e' release? 22:18
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