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Set by lizmat on 26 April 2021.
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[Tux] Rakudo v2021.04-14-g877fdd775 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.04-7-g09c4c4d42
csv-ip5xs0.834 - 0.842
csv-ip5xs-208.520 - 8.618
csv-parser25.502 - 27.448
csv-test-xs-200.365 - 0.369
test7.608 - 8.269
test-t1.976 - 1.981
test-t --race0.883 - 0.903
test-t-2031.761 - 33.406
test-t-20 --race10.356 - 10.544
Geth geth: edc6b08036 | (Patrick Spek)++ | 5 files
Update Geth to use my personal IRC::Client
nqp: Altai-man unassigned from patrickbkr Issue Please include nqp-configure in the release tarballs github.com/Raku/nqp/issues/699
MasterDuke17++ created pull request #719: Switch main CI VMs to Ubuntu 20.04, add 1(6|8).04
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patrickb Just found a mention of Raku and Parrot in the english Wikipedia that probably wants an update. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operator-pre...nce_parser Third paragraph under "Relationship to other parsers". I don't have enough knowledge of our formal parser stack to know how the current state of affairs is. 12:06
^ ping lizmat (maybe?) 12:07
lizmat I think moritz would be the one to answer / fix
I'm still at: You are currently unable to edit Wikipedia due to a block affecting this IP address. 12:08
patrickb tyil: Request for review: github.com/rakudo/rakudo.org/pull/64 12:20
moritz I've removed the sentence about parrot 12:21
the rest is accurate enough that I don't want quibble about it
patrickb moritz++ 12:22
tyil patrickb++ 12:25
that looks good to me
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softmoth Hi! I'm looking for more user testing on rakudoc, if anyone has a few minutes to try it and let me know how it works for you: zef update; zef install rakudoc --verbose 15:08
sena_kun softmoth, [rakudoc] # expected a match with: / '/site' .* 'IO::MiddleMan' / 15:10
[rakudoc] # got: "Doc /home/koto/.zef/store/perl6-IO-MiddleMan.git/ec882a8ef0d74df1297838c877a279bf06557a44 IO::MiddleMan"
[rakudoc] # expected a match with: / ^ 'unit class IO::MiddleMan' / 15:11
[rakudoc] # got: "\n"
softmoth sena_kun, thank you, that test case is brittle, then. if you --/test, does using it work OK? 15:13
sena_kun softmoth, skipping tests makes it install 15:14
softmoth, how can I use it? :) 15:15
softmoth :)
rakudoc -h gives some examples
sena_kun things like `rakudoc Map` prints `No results for 'Map'`
same for `rakudoc -D Map`
Do I need doc clone to point rakudoc to? 15:16
softmoth Do you have doc repo anywhere? I guess this is the big problem to solve. Raku/doc is monolithic and needs to be broken up so that just the doc can be depended on, otherwise it's too hard to install
Yes, if you have it cloned you can use RAKUDOC=/path/to/doc/doc (or rakudoc -d=/path/to/doc/doc) 15:17
It should find installed modules, too, e.g. "rakudoc JSON::Fast"
sena_kun softmoth, `rakudoc -d=doc Map` works, `rakudoc -d=doc .add` does not, `rakudoc JSON::Fast` works 15:18
softmoth "rakudoc .ACCEPTS" should return a bunch of results once docs are in place, but you have to run "rakudoc -b" first to build the index
Thanks for your help 15:19
sena_kun softmoth, the issue with doc repo dependencies is that it is coupled with a website generation code, which should not be so. Alas, there are certain difficulties ongoing with making it the other way.
softmoth, how much do you control indexing code? Is it possible to add a progress bar? That'd be cool. 15:20
softmoth Yes, progress bar is possible.
The first time it takes a while; subsequent updates are pretty quick 15:21
So more feedback during that process would be appreciated; good to know
sena_kun still indexes 15:22
softmoth On my old laptop it takes ~8 minutes....
sena_kun softmoth, `.add` works now 15:23
re-indexing is quick
softmoth Subsequent run takes ~15 seconds. So almost all of that time is in Raku precompilation
Since re-indexing is still doing all of the same work once it gets the $=pod from the precomp cache 15:24
OK, so basic functionality works, but the packaging is extremely unfriendly. 15:25
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