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Set by lizmat on 26 April 2021.
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sena_kun vrurg, ping? 09:19
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vrurg sena_kun: got you, starting it. :) 13:20
sena_kun vrurg, thank you very much! 13:22
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[Tux] Rakudo v2021.04-43-gface292a0 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.04-64-g0cf502a68
csv-ip5xs0.846 - 0.868
csv-ip5xs-207.864 - 8.761
csv-parser26.540 - 27.105
csv-test-xs-200.365 - 0.369
test7.296 - 7.909
test-t1.994 - 2.067
test-t --race0.844 - 0.932
test-t-2033.985 - 36.438
test-t-20 --race10.085 - 10.339
tellable6 2021-05-20T11:31:19Z #raku-dev <ggoebel> Tux thx, irc.libera.chat it is... Does anyone know if/what colabti.org intends to do with regards to archiving channels? Or is there an alternative?
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Geth ¦ rakudo: vrurg assigned to Altai-man Issue Blin 2021.05, round 1 github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4375 18:50
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vrurg sena_kun: ^ I decided to post it instead of making a gist. Hope it's ok with you. 18:51
ugexe face292 18:52
MasterDuke linkable6 isn't working for some reason 18:57
tellable6 hey MasterDuke, you have a message: gist.github.com/94347f414c95299aab...6b733bc5f6
AlexDaniel` Did some bots go down again or something? 19:07
Only ipv6 ones online?
MasterDuke linkable6 hasn't been working for a while 19:09
AlexDaniel` Hmmm 19:10
RT#126800 R#1946 524f98cdc S09:320 19:13
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AlexDaniel` 1d8d05f5bc3 19:15
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AlexDaniel` what is going on 😭 19:16
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AlexDaniel` MoarVM panic: Memory allocation failed; could not allocate 12210683904 bytes 19:20
japhb AlexDaniel`: Just a wild guess: Upgraded to new IRC::Client without doing www.tyil.nl/post/2021/05/13/a-new-irc-client/ ?
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tyil japhb: that shouldn't cause this much issue D: 19:21
japhb: also, the new IRC::Client isn't on the ecosystem yet because I don't want stuff like this to happen to everyone :p
so I'm taking my time in testing it out as much as I can
AlexDaniel` “This allows for faster execution, and for multiple plugins to handle an event without having to use $*NEXT” 19:22
no, not feeling like going through all the bots to change all of them 19:23
tyil and you don't have to ;)
AlexDaniel` pull requests welcome though
tyil that's the beauty of the ecosystem, you can just pin on whatever version you prefer
I'm already happy that Geth isn't in need of a restart every day anymore 19:24
AlexDaniel` I don't see any beauty in getting stuck with an old version because the new one is drastically incompatible
but OK
This is Rakudo version 2020.02.1-395-g2c9168b9a built on MoarVM version 2020.02.1-162-g3d8ff61e2 19:25
implementing Raku 6.d.
tyil the old version has served you well from what I can tell
if you dont like the new version, you're not forced to use it
it hasn't served me (that) well, and nobody else was going to do any work on it, so I fixed what issues I had with it 19:26
AlexDaniel` anyway let's jump one year ahead and see if that fixes the issue…
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japhb AlexDaniel`: Yeah, there's been a lot of stability improvements during that time. 19:35
tyil: Understood, didn't realize it wasn't in the ecosystem yet.
tyil no worries :> 19:38
AlexDaniel` The --git-reference option does not exist anymore.
Consider using --git-cache-dir instead.
is it just a rename or something else changed? 19:39
sena_kun vrurg++ 19:41
AlexDaniel` a-ha, linkable is actually going into an infinite loop, interesting 19:44
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AlexDaniel 🙏🙏🙏 We're trying to reduce the amount of spam on Raku channels, there are some upcoming counter measures. Your IRC client might bleep when we give you voice (+v), please ignore! Thank you for your understanding 🤗🤗🤗 23:44
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AlexDaniel /msg ChanServ VOICE #raku-dev bisectable6 nativecallable6 cog gugod Voldenet [Tux] sena_kun kvw_5 dogbert11 epony maggotbrain rypervenche vrurg Xliff tbrowder AlexDaniel` 23:45
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/msg ChanServ VOICE #raku-dev gfldex Geth jraspass tailgate tobs leont sjn jjatria nwc10 moritz rba bartolin_ jdv79 krunen tonyo klapperl nebuchadnezzar timotimo ilogger2
/msg ChanServ VOICE #raku-dev brown121407 tyil literal ugexe SmokeMachine commavir
that didn't work as expected
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leont Thank you for doing that, I just left #raku because I couldn't stand the spam there anymore 23:46
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AlexDaniel OK, so here's how the bot works 23:46
it looks for users joining it, and it waits for 45 seconds before giving them voice 23:47
if they speak faster, then they're considered to be a bot
most users don't speak right away. This worked great in the past, we had this bot live for weeks if not months
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epony nice 23:53
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