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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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moon-child 0x0.st/-2Ry.txt this file takes several minutes and over 16gb of memory to compile. Is there any alternate way to write it to reduce those numbers? 07:51
[TuxCM] Rakudo v2021.05-3-gf83e55116 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.05-12-g4751ca6da
csv-ip5xs0.876 - 0.895
csv-ip5xs-209.377 - 9.451
csv-parser28.263 - 28.702
csv-test-xs-200.380 - 0.400
test7.745 - 8.340
test-t2.031 - 2.036
test-t --race0.905 - 0.907
test-t-2036.287 - 38.154
test-t-20 --race9.965 - 10.476
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raydiak I haven't tried to write massively long things like that in raku, so not speaking from direct experience, but the most obvious thing would seem to be to break it up into multiple files. idk if it'll reduce precomp time or not, but I can't see how it wouldn't divide the memory requirements 08:11
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raydiak wonder if there's something weird going on with the parsing. just doing --target=parse it ran out of memory at 16.6 gigs and almost 10 minutes (on a ryzen 5 with 18.5 gigs available to the os) 08:25
moon-child maybe the use of constants for type names? 08:27
raydiak I honestly don't know enough to say for sure, but the constants are probably the first thing I'd break out into a separate file anyway, might as well give it a shot 08:33
I also don't know how --target=parse is implemented either, for all I know it tries to compile the whole thing anyway before it dumps the parse 08:34
it's a nativecall thing. stripping out is native(LIB) from the whole file, it only takes 12s or so (on this particular laptop) 08:59
at least that narrows it down. probably not a parsing issue 09:00
all I can say is look around in github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...ll.rakumod , and realize you're running all that setup stuff 3283 times... 09:23
nine That's....a good reason for a new NativeCall API 09:26
Though I suspect that compiling 2 bodies for each of those 3283 functions is what takes most of the time
No idea about where the memory usage comes from though 09:28
raydiak unless there's some magic "not-safe-but-fast" or "do it to all the subs at the same time" way of appling the native trait, the only options I can think of (short of rewriting nativecall) are to either split it up into many different files so people can just load the parts they need to actually use, or maybe some wrapper cleverness which applies the native trait lazily when the sub is first called 09:29
nine The latter is already in place and is for example what's done when you declare your native subs in a script. But we also compile those subs ahead of time as part of precompilation to speed up loading the module and avoid the runtime penalty 09:32
raydiak I put all his stuff in a .raku script and tried to run it, so it's not doing precomp like a module. is there a way to get it to be actually lazy in practical reality? 09:34
I noticed the docs suggested it should work that way by default, but that doesn't seem to be what I'm observing 09:35
it's just a massive list of constant and sub defs, nothing is even actually called at runtime 09:36
nine Ah, could be that the CHECK phaser that does this precompilation is also run in a script 09:39
github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...kumod#L760 09:40
But then, if your script doesn't use a native sub, why would it even be there?
Btw. I guess that loop could be hypered to at least use multiple CPU cores 09:41
raydiak I just copied his example into a script to play with, that wouldn't be the case for his purposes I'm sure 09:42
I'm wondering if you couldn't write it as a class with a FALLBACK which generates the routine and applies the trait dynamically, or else write each sub with a body that applies the native trait to itself dynamically and re-calls itself 09:46
nine what would be the point? 09:47
What's the actual problem you're trying to solve?
raydiak to get it to *actually* be lazy, only do all the native setup stuff when the sub is called
he's trying to do 0x0.st/-2Ry.txt but it takes over 16 gigs and many minutes, that's the actual problem 09:48
nine No, lazyness just for the sake of it being lazy is not your actual goal. But what is? 09:49
raydiak ^^
nine Exactly. That's a module. Getting it to compile stuff lazily in a script won't help that different use case.
And having it compile lazily in a module will only hurt all of the users. That's the reason for doing it ahead of time after all 09:50
raydiak if he did what I'm proposing, it would be lazy even in a module, unless I'm mistaken
and it'd be lazy per sub. it's not like anyone is actually going to use *all* of those 09:51
nine But they'd still pay for the subs they use. And that will be quite a few
That's not really fixing the issue, it's just pushing it around.
raydiak a lot less than 3283 though
nine I'm trying to prevent wasting your time on that :) 09:52
raydiak appreciated :) I'm all ears for better suggestions
nine Better invest it in improving things without making them worse somewhere else
As I said, we compile 2 function bodies for each native sub. I wonder if we actually need both or if we could decide whether we can use the JIT version before compilation. 09:53
Like I also said, that loop could be trivially parallelized.
And 16G of RAM sounds quite fishy. I really wonder if we keep stuff around after compilation that we don't really need anymore. 09:54
Reducing memory usage will usually speed things up as well (a little at least)
raydiak even spread across 8 threads it'd still be multiple minutes. but I suppose you could just tell the user "please wait for first-run compilation, future runs will be faster" or so 09:56
nine I'm pretty sure Raku users are already used to long first-time compilation times ;) 09:57
raydiak this case seems a bit excessive, but that's true 09:58
and yes the 16 gigs, I have no idea what's going on there. I'm not sure how you'd track that bug down if it is one 09:59
nine If it turns out that we only have to compile one function body, that will cut the time roughly in half already. Parallelizing that loop can speed it up by the number of cores. That's already a huge step
lizmat nine: fwiw, I still think there's some On factor at work when modules need to precompile, e.g. when I create a new setting, and the logs server goes into lalaland for about 1 minute afterwards 10:00
still feels fishy, intend to look at that closer again in the nearer future 10:01
nine lizmat: O(n) would be what's expected (if n is the amount of code we have to precompile)
lizmat so you're saying if both module A and module B use module C, module C needs to be precompiled twice ? 10:02
nine no
But after a recompile of rakudo, you will have to wait for C, A and B to compile 10:03
So far I haven't seen any indication that we compile things multiple times. But feel free to investigate :) If it turns out that we do, and we fix that, that'd be a great win.
lizmat yeah, that is my gut feeling, that indeed modules get compiled more than once 10:05
nine raydiak: if I were to start on this, I'd probably comment out that loop and see what happens (probably massive reduction in compile time and memory usage) and then try more fine grained changes 10:06
raydiak I don't even know what $*W is or does, my general impression is that I'd be doing a lot of spelunking to learn the things necessary to mess with nativecall internals with any awareness and competency 10:08
lizmat $*W is the Perl6/World.nqp object that is accessible during compilation 10:09
please note that this will most likely *not* survive in the RakuAST branch, or at least not with the current API
getting rid of Perl6/World.nqp is one of the goals of the RakuAST branch :-) 10:10
as you could consider, in its current form, an alpha implementation of what a Perl6 compiler needed to be able to compile itself 10:11
nine raydiak: we all had to start somewhere. And yes, that World thing confused me, too :)
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raydiak I'd also have to learn about QAST, NQP, and the MOP to understand what's happening in here. I do appreciate your encouragement, and I'm not trying to be unhelpful. I'll consider it, but the truth is I mostly just hang out and answer questions because a couple years ago I was living in a car with a massive exhaust leak, and now learning and retaining complicated things, and holding sustained focus for long 10:18
periods doesn't work as well as it used to. what you're proposing would be an enormous undertaking for me, and I am uncertain as to the direction and prioritization of my future at this point. If you really want to pin me down to it, that's the whole story
nine raydiak: sure, that's totally fine of course :) I just say, if you're curious and got some time to kill anyway, it'd be worth the journey and you'd get lots of help here. If your priorities are elsewhere, then you ought to follow those :) 10:25
raydiak I don't really know right now. I do sometimes feel guilty that I'm not helping here more with the actual work on rakudo. I know we need all the hands we can get. 10:27
lizmat raydiak: no worries 10:28
nine Guilt is never a good long term motivator. If you help, do it because you want to and because it's fun.
lizmat we're grateful for any help :-)
raydiak I've considered it, I mean before this conversation, and I haven't ruled it out. I'm just a lot less sure about things these days 10:36
sorry if I over-shared. that's a mistake I made far too often when I was around half a decade ago, that I've been trying not to repeat. I can still remember things I learned before pretty clearly. Like 30 digits of pi or the ABCs backwards. New information just doesn't seem to stick very easily, and thinking hard about something turns me foggy until I take a nap. I didn't used to have those limitations 10:37
I also wonder how much is just my own self-imposed limitations stemming from negative perceptions, or if I just try hard and long enough those parts of my brain may reroute or come back. idk 10:39
nine The brain does indeed need training, just like our muscles 10:40
It's in fact the most pliable part of our bodies
lizmat fwiw, after a 6 week hospitalization, of which I was on Morphine for 2 weeks, I couldn't focus for well over a year 10:41
it seems I've been able to regain that :-) although I was much younger then :-( 10:42
raydiak that's terrible, sorry to hear it. I do hold out hope that I just need some more time
lizmat raydiak: again, no worries, that was 40 years ago this year :-) 10:43
raydiak otoh I have noticed some advantages. less internal noise, it's easier for me to remain calm. expressing myself clearly in english seems to come easier sometimes. I started writing some 10:44
lizmat raydiak++ growing older :-) 10:47
raydiak but then I have 40 pounds to lose, and no income. my girlfriend is fine with it, but I wonder if I shouldn't be worrying more about those things. so that's where I start to wonder about priorities. am I hanging out here just because I have no remaining friends irl? am I volunteering for an open source project to hide from other things I should be doing? I try to think my way out of these circles, and it
just makes me so drained and foggy I end up taking a nap
yeah there's that too! I was late 20s when I started being active around here. now I'm 3 years from 40, a lot of it could just be noirmal result of aging and a series of less-than-healthy circumstances over the years. I know that still sounds young to many people, but I definitely feel different 10:49
nine Oh, you're not the only one feeling the first onset of age at that point :D 10:50
Apart from that, I can heartily recommend watching www.youtube.com/user/JDCav24 all day until you can't stand sitting around anymore and start getting into shape. 10:53
It's hard to overestimate the impact of physical prowess on the mind 10:54
raydiak thank you, bookamrked. I've been starting to exercise again, but not enough yet
5 years ago I was doing 200 pushups and situps a day, and pullups with 2 fingers on each hand in sets of a few dozen. I'm lucky if I can go through a day of doing nothing without needing my inhaler at this point :D 10:55
lizmat fwiw, I've cycled 4000km+ this year already, that works best for me with my bad knee
aiming at 10K this year (to beat last year's record at 9.6K :-) 10:56
raydiak nice, that's impressive
lizmat yeah, although it eats into my time behind the keyboard, I find I do need it for balance 11:01
and for those of you wandering: it's an acoustic bicycle, rather than an electric one :-)
raydiak acoustic? powered by sound? 11:02
lizmat no amplification :-) 11:03
raydiak meaning regular pedals and gears and chain? 11:04
lizmat yup 11:05
raydiak got it. idk if I just don't know much about bikes, or if that's more of a european term 11:06
lizmat "acoustic bike" is a neologism I picked up on Twitter recently 11:11
raydiak ah, now I feel less confused :) a bike isn't a terrible idea, though you have to be careful around here. sketchy drivers 11:14
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lizmat although the gears are special: a NuVinci 380 11:15
yeah, in that sense I live in bicycle paradise
bicycle paths almost everywhere :-)
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raydiak there are a couple around here, but you have to get to them first, dodging kids with Hondas with big subwoofers and wheels that cost more than the car, guys with lifted turbodiesel trucks, etc 11:17
lizmat there's some of that here as well, but only a little fortunately 11:20
raydiak those gears are a CVT on a bicycle?
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raydiak ah shoot, just realized it's 4:30 AM here. I should go try to sleep. thank you very much for your kindness and encouragement lizmat and nine 11:30
nine Good night! 11:32
lizmat raydiak: yes, CVT on a bicycle 11:41
good night!
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dogbert11 this code snippet posted by raydiak is quite interesting 11:55
removing all the sub declaration, leaving the constants, makes the compile quite snappy but perhaps that is to be expected ? 11:56
1.51user 0.06system 0:01.21elapsed 130%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 160116maxresident)k - all sub declarations removed 11:59
8.65user 0.23system 0:07.89elapsed 112%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 442532maxresident)k - all constants + the first 100 sub declarations 12:00
15.79user 0.47system 0:14.95elapsed 108%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 728580maxresident)k - all constants + the first 200 sub declarations 12:01
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dogbert11 22.79user 0.36system 0:21.74elapsed 106%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 1031620maxresident)k - all constants + the first 300 sub declarations 12:03
using valgrind one can see that the amount of memory 'still reachable:' goes up rapidly 12:38
lizmat which is memory "in use" by Raku, right? so a leak? 12:44
dogbert11 lizmat: perhaps, running Raku with --full-cleanup frees it but the amount is so large that it could possibly be a leak. Nine would know. 13:44
rba The virtual server with most of the *.raku.org/*.perl6.org websites will be down for maintenance today 8pm CEST for approximately an hour... 13:57
[TuxCM] Thanks for noting. 20:00 Europe/Amsterdam, 19:00 Europe/London 14:12
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dogbert11 lizmat, nine: here's a list of the worst 'leaks': gist.github.com/dogbert17/49e23c19...2de6e71329 14:55
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sena_kun releasable6, status 16:27
releasable6 sena_kun, Next release in ≈17 days and ≈2 hours. 1 blocker. 0 out of 3 commits logged
sena_kun, Details: gist.github.com/1231df37eb432b0823...5aee8b2dd1
nine dogbert11: without --full-cleanup, valgrind output doesn't say much 17:21
That said, there is a little insight to gain: it looks like compiling each of these subs individually generates quite a bit of overhead as its one comp unit per sub. 17:22
japhb If y'all find a big improvement for Nativecall compiles, the person working on GNOME bindings is likely to faint from happiness. :-) 17:34
dogbert11 nine: I'll retest with --full-cleanup but I think that the 'still reachable:' memory goes down to zero 18:01
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dogbert11 and the result is '==205646== All heap blocks were freed -- no leaks are possible' 18:15
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lizmat meh 18:51
. 19:00
. 19:01
dogbert11 it could be that more memory is used than what is strictly necessary 19:02
lizmat that, is of course, very true 19:04
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nine I wonder if it's possible to put all those subs into one compilation unit. Or if that'd even be easy to test, so we would know if this overhead is the major problem 19:41
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dogbert11 That would indeed be interesting 21:23
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