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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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lizmat raydiak: the new rakuAST grammar is not far enough yet to build the setting 08:12
so that is built with the old grammar
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[TuxCM] Rakudo v2021.05-7-g0de28ae72 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.05-12-g4751ca6da
csv-ip5xs0.832 - 0.882
csv-ip5xs-208.576 - 9.279
csv-parser25.432 - 27.605
csv-test-xs-200.368 - 0.378
test7.886 - 8.026
test-t2.092 - 2.204
test-t --race0.915 - 0.932
test-t-2034.574 - 35.745
test-t-20 --race9.511 - 10.696
sena_kun releasable6, status 18:40
releasable6 sena_kun, Next release in ≈11 days and ≈0 hours. 1 blocker. 0 out of 7 commits logged
sena_kun, Details: gist.github.com/7f2ab6caef128cacb7...dd3d6b5df7
sena_kun hmm, this means no release. :( 18:41
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nine Because of that trivially fixable Windows issue? That's sad 19:06
sena_kun nine, no really, even with this issue fixed we will have basically 5 commits for the next release. I am not sure what should be the policy for this. Technically we can do a monthly release as long as there is a single commit changing something, but hmm. 19:09
nine Well it's still 11 days to the release
MasterDuke nine's prs making compiling nativecall stuff should be merged
*making ... faster 19:10
sena_kun yes, those are really cool
maybe I used a very poor wording to state what I wanted. :S It is not "I won't do a release this month", but more of "The release cycle is more intense than the development at this rate". 19:11
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japhb I think this is a side effect of lots of the dev work happening in branches, most of which aren't merged yet. 19:18
With 11 days left, it feels like a long enough window for merge-and-get-broader-testing for some things. 19:19
Geth rakudo: MasterDuke17++ created pull request #4395:
Micro-optimize levenshtein sub
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lizmat sena_kun: I think the improvements on .grep(Regex) and jnthn's threadpoolscheduler fix are worth a release 20:56
Geth rakudo: da0f561c24 | (Daniel Green)++ | src/Perl6/World.nqp
Micro-optimize levenshtein sub

By adding types, using the right operator for the types it's operating on, removing explicity returns, and manually contructing a string instead of using nqp::join.
For this completely made up benchmark: ... (12 more lines)
rakudo: 919fe7b85d | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/Perl6/World.nqp
Merge pull request #4395 from MasterDuke17/micro_optimize_levenshtein

Micro-optimize levenshtein sub
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