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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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tbrowder so, gentlemen, new featre 00:40
feature on c, d, or e?
lizmat: ? 00:41
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japhb I don't see why we'd put a new feature into c ... it's not even the current release, let alone a future one. 02:02
I guess people find it easier to add to core.c, but if that's actually a problem, we should fix that, because we shouldn't have a builtin incentive to change the past. 02:03
Geth rakudo: Kaiepi++ created pull request #4436:
Handle updates to curried role typecheck lists more lazily
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gfldex tbrowder: please consider the following case: gist.github.com/gfldex/784bc98adb6...e9d0166a57 08:31
japhb: maybe because Rakudo doesn't make it easy to spectest against .PREVIEW . 08:32
japhb gfldex: Something to fix, I suppose. :-) 08:35
gfldex A CLI option for rakudo to force a language version would be nice. Would make it easy to spectest and CI against multiple language versions. 08:37
raydiak we already support pragmas like strict and isms with -M, perhaps it could be extended to support versions as well 08:47
gfldex It would have to cover the case where a script already requests a version. That wont work with -M. In fact if there is a conflict we normally want a SORRY. 08:49
raydiak how does using -M vs making up some other switch change that complexity? 08:53
gfldex I would prefer a clear statement in wrappers. The intent of --override-version=v6.e.PREVIEW is clear. 08:55
raydiak I guess we're well past trying to parallel p5, but -M is what is used there, fwiw 09:06
either way, if it dies when a different version is requested, "override" isn't exactly accurate. perhaps "force" or so?
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tbrowder gfldex: i will try to put it in .e 10:07
when or if i get it working in c, then i will move it 10:08
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ugexe pretty much an impossible task 16:12
how much of the roast launches a process using `raku ...` 16:13
those don't carry their compiler arguments forward
on a similar note though -M also doesn't work with ver/auth/api 16:14
Remember: "as a developer I want to be able to do thing", not "as a developer we should implement X Y and Z to do thing" 16:20
nine Language versions just do not work exactly like people here seem to think 16:29
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Kaiepi t/02-rakudo/15-gh_1202.t failed on me during a test run. passes a second time around 20:16
during which t/09-moar/01-profilers.t failed, but passes when tested individually 20:20
bad update that may not reflect master, mb 20:25
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tbrowder i just looked around for any checklist or guidance for devs to follow when submitting code for a future release and didn't find too much help. 22:50
it looks like, considering operators.pm6 and Grammar.pm6, i would dup some parts of the pertinent files in core.c (class decls, etc.) and add just the new parts. 23:11
then add the new symbol to the core.e settings (but NOT the core.c and core.d settings). 23:13
the partial files would go only in the src/core.e dir 23:14
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tbrowder does that sound about right? if so, i'll start the move now. 23:15
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tbrowder *working on the move process 23:16
looking more 23:19
looking more closely, looks like the operators can be new additons only 23:40