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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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casaca hello, would you consider the following changes to core.c/VM.p6 in order to allow openbsd to lookup the correct shared library file 02:29
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moon-child casaca: I would submit that as a pull request on github 02:57
casaca moon-child: thank you 03:00
Geth rakudo: casaca24++ created pull request #4450:
allow openbsd to locate shared libraries by version
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[TuxCM] Rakudo v2021.06-58-g38626c686 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.06-16-g74e828f0a
csv-ip5xs0.856 - 0.903
csv-ip5xs-209.278 - 9.314
csv-parser27.934 - 29.169
csv-test-xs-200.381 - 0.387
test8.171 - 8.199
test-t2.001 - 2.044
test-t --race1.062 - 1.151
test-t-2033.640 - 35.378
test-t-20 --race10.136 - 11.195
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Geth rakudo: 265888ced3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/Any-iterable-methods.pm6
Optimize .sink-all on map iterators without phasers

For the one arg and two arg case. This makes something like:
   for ^10 -> \a, \b { Nil }
a few percent faster, mostly because it uses fewer allocations.
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Kaiepi greppable6, is native('c', v6) 13:48
greppable6 Kaiepi, Found nothing!
Kaiepi greppable6, is native('c',v6)
greppable6 Kaiepi, Found nothing!
Kaiepi greppable6, is native("c",v6)
greppable6 Kaiepi, Found nothing!
Kaiepi greppable6, is native("c", v6) 13:49
greppable6 Kaiepi, Found nothing!
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Geth problem-solving/clarify-readme: a91a274442 | (Daniel Sockwell)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.md
Resolve remaining comments

The remaining comments were mostly nits; this commit accepts them all.
problem-solving/clarify-readme: e84670523f | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.md
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melezhik . 17:28
hi rakudo devs, whateverable tarballs still not available 17:30
^^ AlexDaniel 17:31
AlexDaniel hello
shareable6: HEAD
shareable6 AlexDaniel, whateverable.6lang.org/HEAD
AlexDaniel what do you mean by that?
melezhik gist.github.com/melezhik/4fca7b89e...bd1d4c3547 17:32
AlexDaniel ahhaaa
that HEAD is a bit behind
melezhik it started since yesterday
not sure if it is only for head
this is for another commit - gist.github.com/melezhik/a213e1471...180fd963ec 17:34
AlexDaniel uh just for your info, I think you're assuming somewhere that whateverable has a build that you need 17:36
there's a slight delay always
but, yes, there's an issue currently
OK it started building the last commit 17:39
melezhik thanks 17:40
AlexDaniel will check again in a few minutes
melezhik btw Alex, are you in charge of whateverable ? 17:41
AlexDaniel yes, still
melezhik ok, this is good
thanks for support
releasable: status 17:43
releasable6 melezhik, Next release in ≈12 days and ≈1 hour. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
melezhik, Details: gist.github.com/9dfe821e4f73ca5603...741cb25896
AlexDaniel there were plans to move it to raku infra but I'm too busy lately :( 17:45
it is clearly goig through commits currently 17:46
shareable6: 265888ced3b31 17:47
shareable6 AlexDaniel, whateverable.6lang.org/265888ced3b31
AlexDaniel hmmmm
melezhik yeah, still fails for me 17:54
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AlexDaniel melezhik: try again? 19:20
tellable6 AlexDaniel, I'll pass your message to melezhik
AlexDaniel tellable6: thank you 19:21
tellable6 AlexDaniel, Anytime!
linkable6 AlexDaniel, I'm happy to help!
AlexDaniel 😲
not you, linkable6
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japhb linkable6 not paying attention to who the thank you was directed to? 19:54
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AlexDaniel Definitely trying to get attention 😌 23:24
And it needs some, indeed
japhb: there was a case when bisectable was addressed three times, each time with a differently misspelled nickname, and then the user gave up. Since then all whateverable bots attempt to guess if they were addressed :) 23:27
moon-child those who do not use tab completion deserve whatever they get :) 23:28
AlexDaniel it worked perfectly when there were just a few bots, but with 20-ish there are some collisions
well 😀
whateverables always try to dwym first 23:29
and if that doesn't work, ok maybe you do deserve it after all, yeah :D
tellable: thank you 23:30
tellable6 AlexDaniel, Anytime!
AlexDaniel yeah, not adding 6 works, so the distance threshold should be bumped by 1 simply 23:31
OR maybe they should also strdistance for other bot names and compare who has the smallest distance… 23:32
moon-child I think the latter is a better idea
AlexDaniel anyway, good night!
moon-child night 23:33