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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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Geth rakudo: vrurg++ created pull request #4482:
Fix a race in ClassHOW new_type
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Kaiepi m: enum Foo <A B C>; say Foo.^composalize ~~ Foo 20:46
camelia False
Kaiepi if that can remain False, that allows for some pretty big speedups to role typechecking 20:48
japhb Kaiepi: Can you explain that a bit more? 21:30
vrurg Kaiepi: I think the False here is incorrect, if DWIM is expected. 21:41
m: enum Foo <A B>; class Bar does Foo { }; say Bar ~~ Foo; 21:42
camelia False
vrurg Though I still wonder what sense does this make? 21:45
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Kaiepi vrurg, i mean doing strict equality checks on the role typecheck list in Metamodel::ParametricRoleHOW.type_check instead of typechecking the doees 22:03
though that seems to be false in both cases
maybe the metaobject to be composalized needs to be added to the role typecheck list too? 22:04
vrurg I think so.
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Kaiepi m: class Foo is Buf[uint8] is repr<VMArray> { }; say Buf[uint8] ~~ Blob[uint8] 22:17
camelia True
Kaiepi m: class Foo is Buf[uint8] is repr<VMArray> { }; say Foo ~~ Blob[uint8] 22:18
camelia False
Kaiepi inheritalization needs something similar i think
timo the meek shall inheritalize the earth 22:43
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