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Geth rakudo: titsuki++ created pull request #4489:
Make sure Float.NaN/Double.NaN can be passed by using the NaN
rakudo: 8ae6f3947a | (Itsuki Toyota)++ | 2 files
Make sure Float.NaN/Double.NaN can be passed by using the NaN
rakudo: 10b016ccf1 | niner++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #4489 from titsuki/add-nativecall-test-nan

Make sure Float.NaN/Double.NaN can be passed by using the NaN
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nine Oh, it's a PEA issue! After deoptimization several registers are uninitialized (thus NULL). With PEA disabled the segfault goes away. 07:41
Yes, this should not happen: PEA: OPT: eliminated an allocation of Capture into r14(7) 07:47
MasterDuke wow, that's the first pea bug i can remember in...forever? 07:51
nine Well for one, no one's told PEA about MVM_SPESH_ANN_DEOPT_PRE_INS annotations yet. But that alone doesn't seem to be it 07:56
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Geth tap-harness6: dd51b6280c | thundergnat++ (committed by Leon Timmermans) | META6.json
Remove multiple references to same library file

Drastically slows down compilation as it recompiles the library for every mention of it in the provides section. It only needs to compile it once.
see this comment: github.com/timo/cairo-p6/commit/79...c88e423ae2
on Rakudo issue: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4353
tap-harness6: 448bd6ef68 | (Leon Timmermans)++ | dist.ini
Add dist.ini
tap-harness6: 388163cfde | (Leon Timmermans)++ | 3 files
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