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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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Geth rakudo: a86ec91e36 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/List.pm6
Properly handle List of Lists in List.fmt

There were several things wrong with this, as Daniel Sockwell spotted in stackoverflow.com/questions/691374...sted-lists
But basically it boiled down to Lists within Lists not being .fmtted with the correct separator. ... (8 more lines)
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ugexe codesections: i realized i never merged the PR with those more precise version imports in zef 19:59
BEGIN my $ZVER = $?DISTRIBUTION.meta<version>; 20:03
use Zef:ver($ZVER);
^ is basically the pattern you can do with current rakudo
lizmat how would that affect testing with -Ilib ? 20:07
ah, not, because :ver is ignored by the use lib repo handler anyway, right?
ugexe since there is no META6.json in a lib directory (i assume anyway) it would get version * which might as well act as an infinite version. -I. might point at a META6.json and it would extract the version as one might expect 20:12
lizmat ah, good point :-) 20:13
ugexe in both cases the -I puts the repo in front of the core rakudo repos (like site), so -I. might have version 1 and site might have version 2, but version 1 gets picked anyway
"an infinite version" would be a little better stated as "all versions including infinity" 20:16
deathbyperl6.com/perl-toolchain-su...ncy-hello/ -- "Allow structured dependency format" describes the alternative way of writing the dependency format that zef already understands 20:20
lizmat ah, the one we couldn't make it to :-) 20:24
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