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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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Geth nqp: 4e1c74c13b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/MOAR_REVISION
Bump MoarVM to get latest MoarVM fixes
rakudo: ee67f07b7f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP to get latst MoarVM fixes
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Geth nqp: 82594548eb | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/core/dispatchers.nqp
replace drop-arg + insert-arg with replace-arg

in a few dispatchers that nqp uses. Once there is a replace arg with literal values, that could be used in more places.
nqp: 2c2358fde5 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/core/dispatchers.nqp
use replace-arg-literal-obj in nqp's dispatchers
nqp: 16344ff226 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core/dispatchers.nqp
Merge pull request #745 from Raku/dispatcher-replace-arg-syscall

Dispatcher replace arg syscall
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Geth rakudo/dispatcher-replace-arg-syscall: 29 commits pushed by (Jonathan Worthington)++, (Vadim Belman)++, (Daniel Green)++, MasterDuke17++, (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++, timo++
review: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/compare/8...6390995146
rakudo: 0a411e1fd7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP to get latest NQP fixes
rakudo: 82bf10d6f5 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/vm/moar/dispatchers.nqp
use dispatcher-replace-arg in some dispatchers
rakudo: 0063909951 | timo++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 22 files
Merge branch 'master' into dispatcher-replace-arg-syscall
rakudo: 5e68d56a66 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/vm/moar/dispatchers.nqp
Merge pull request #4604 from rakudo/dispatcher-replace-arg-syscall

use dispatcher-replace-arg in some dispatchers
timo nooooo 11:57
lizmat sorry 11:58
Geth rakudo: f320320749 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Revert "Bump NQP to get latest NQP fixes"

This reverts commit 0a411e1fd70b12e0d588912a054622836a004cba.
lizmat meh 11:59
timo was that the wrong one?
lizmat I am not sure 12:00
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timo yeah that only reverts the change to the revision file for nqp 12:03
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lizmat testing a fix now 12:04
|Tux| timing is now running. should I stop it and try again in an hour? 12:09
timo if you got 5e68d56a66 or f320320749 it will not compile, [Tux]
|Tux| Hmm, indeed, messages like "Unhandled exception: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'gen/moar/stage2/NQPCORE.setting' (from 'gen/moar/Pod.nqp')" 12:10
Geth rakudo: a507f7c047 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/vm/moar/dispatchers.nqp
Bring dispatchers into their previous state
lizmat it should compile again 12:14
timo that's not supposed to be the error message you get :D 12:24
|Tux| Rakudo v2021.10-59-ga507f7c04 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.10-41-g6e3817b6b
csv-ip5xs1.312 - 1.324
csv-ip5xs-2015.229 - 16.760
csv-parser3.932 - 3.994
csv-test-xs-200.373 - 0.380
test6.952 - 7.002
test-t1.540 - 1.595
test-t --race0.958 - 1.009
test-t-2022.255 - 22.290
test-t-20 --race6.982 - 7.020
lizmat close :-)
an improvement for test-t-20 though: 23.5 -> 22.3 since the last one 12:33
a year ago, it was around 30 secs :-) 12:35
timo will be a pleasant point where t-20 goes below 20 seconds 12:36
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dogbert11 lizmat: have you tested oo-monitors today :) 12:41
lizmat no, should I ?
dogbert11 you complain about it from time to time
Missing or wrong version of dependency ... 12:42
lizmat ah, yes... fwiw, I haven't seen that since e98e17da7d9692aa17a45b8d9213bf80c8971ae6 12:47
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dogbert11 and how did you figure that one out? 12:50
lizmat nine did 12:51
shas only looks at .pm6, and a single file had .rakumod
nine So that was really it? I didn't actually think this alone would help 12:55
lizmat well, that I haven't seen it since, is no guarantee that it is gone... 12:59
btw, looking forward to gfldex's blog post: logs.liz.nl/raku-dev/2021-11-07.html#23:50 13:05
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lizmat notable6: weekly 14:03
notable6 lizmat, 2 notes: 2021-11-01T14:51:43Z <Altai-man>: twitter.com/koto_san_kana/status/1...5496607746 ; 2021-11-02T21:15:01Z <El_Che>: fedora 35 linux package released to the rakudo-pkg repo
lizmat notable6: weekly reset 14:08
notable6 lizmat, Moved existing notes to “weekly_2021-11-08T14:08:15Z”
timo lizmat: will melezhik's last message make it in? 14:46
just ooc, nothing special about this specific message 14:56
Geth roast/master: 4 commits pushed by (Ben Davies)++ 16:02
rakudo/master: 6 commits pushed by (Ben Davies)++
lizmat timo: not sure what message by melezhik you're referring to ? 16:32
ah, that one :-)
well... it's not pointing to anything new: IO already mentioned that link in the last weekly 16:34
timo OK! 16:40
lizmat notable6: weekly
notable6 lizmat, 1 note: 2021-11-08T14:44:37Z <melezhik>: Raku weekly on mybfio - mybf.io/?language=Raku&filter=top
lizmat notable6: weekly reset
notable6 lizmat, Moved existing notes to “weekly_2021-11-08T16:40:53Z”
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Geth rakudo/replace-attrinited: cfa553fbef | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 9 files
Eliminate non-default/required use of attrinited

All of these cases were using nqp::attrinited, however did not truly need to be done that way (that is, we can use another sentinel value instead). With these removed, we are pretty much down to only using it during the standard object construction pipeline.
rakudo/replace-attrinited: 93ebd453d0 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 2 files
Add ContainerDescriptor::UninitializedAttribute

And implement handling of it in assignment, including fast-pathing it in the dispatcher. Not yet created anywhere by the compiler, and so only tested synthetically so far.
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Geth rakudo/replace-attrinited: 7ebabb6cf6 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | src/Perl6/bootstrap.c/BOOTSTRAP.nqp
Install uninitialized attribute descriptor

We install it as the descriptor in the case that there is an attribute that has either a default build closure or a required attribute. So far we don't look at it to determine anything, but the mere act of adding it does not lead to any test or spectest regressions.
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/11/08/2021-...wo-commas/ 20:04
codesections lizmat++ By the way, is there a norm/custom against merging my own Rakudo PR? My X::Bind::Rebind one is approved, but I wasn't sure if I should merge it myself 20:07
lizmat I regularly merge my own PRs if I feel if there's nobody against it :-) 20:08
Geth URI: e4da7e2a29 | (David Warring)++ | 2 files
version bump
rakudo/master: 6 commits pushed by (Daniel Sockwell)++ 20:17
rakudo/master: 6 commits pushed by (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ 20:54
japhb Speaking of merging, sentiment seemed to be in favor of that one, so in it goes. :-) 20:55
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timo have we tried to give Int an ACCEPTS method before? 23:46
.oO( .ACCEPT(:no-substitutes) )