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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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andinus release manager, do they have to use their own hardware for running tests? 03:49
Xliff Oh. On the testing note. I have a 5950x AMD system that I can see about opening up for testing. 16 core, 32 thread 3.3Ghz 03:57
I have the hardware for a second. 03:58
And possibly before the 1st of the year, I would like to obtain a Xeon 8362 based system, so if someone has recommendations on a place that can build something like that, please drop me a PM, 04:01
andinus i can make time for it but don't have required hardware (Blin ~32GB memory)
Xliff And yes, I would be amendable to opening that system up for testing, as well.
I think current Rakudo has a 32 thread max limit on parallelization. I do remember trying something with VMs and a stoopidly large amount of cores a while back and it fell flat on its face. 04:03
japhb Xliff: I don't think it's _limited_ so much as not tuned enough to scale all the way up linearly. There is a *default* limit on general threads in the default scheduler, but that can be easily changed with e.g. the RAKUDO_MAX_THREADS environment variable. 04:20
Xliff japhb: Ah. I didn't know about that .What's the default value on that? 04:42
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japhb 64, last I checked. It should be in docs/running.pod 04:51
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japhb But there are (or were) some known scaling issues, only some of which have been addressed. For example, for a while certain usage patterns would cause the thread spawning heuristic think it didn't need any more threads and waste some cores. I think that one was addressed. 04:55
Similarly, lizmat found a pattern this week that slowly drops in CPU utilization over time, and I don't think that one's been nailed down yet. 04:56
Then of course there's the effect of Amdahl's law anywhere real serialization still occurs. 04:59
(thread serialization, not data serialization, I mean)
Xliff japhb: OK. Another data point for that. I tried running my parallel precompilation with some of my projects (had 96 core VM) and compilation hung unless I limited the number of parallel threads to 32. 05:01
japhb Xliff: That's interesting. What version of Rakudo was that? 05:05
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Geth nqp: usev6++ created pull request #748:
[JVM] Fix conversion to unsigned int
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Xliff_ japhb: I generally keep my Raku compilers current, so Definitely around 2021.09 08:26
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patrickb andinus: WRT Release manager requirements: Hardware for running tests will not be a limiting factor. There are multiple systems provided by others available for running tests / blin. 09:04
Geth nqp: 81fe4113a4 | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ | 2 files
[JVM] Fix conversion to unsigned int

  ... in VMArray with 32 bit. The old code handled the 1 as a signed
integer, so that (1 << 32) just evaluated to 1.
An alternative would have been to use Integer.toUnsignedLong(i), which is available since Java 8. We could change to those methods in the future -- but for consistency the should be used for the other types of VMArrays as well.
lizmat japhb: I haven't been able to golf it yet, and it may still be an artefact of my own algorithm 09:27
Xliff_ lizmat: See my messages, above. 09:44
lizmat noted. I just realized that the default for maximum number of threads should probably be dependent on the number of cores available 09:49
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Geth rakudo/max-threads-default: 04cd0754f8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/ThreadPoolScheduler.pm6
Make the max number of threads depend on number of cores

Previously, this was set to 64. Clearly, should be dependent on actual number of cores available. For now, the maximum is set to 8 times the number of cores, based on the previous value an the more common 4-8 core hardware that was available when that maximum was originally set.
rakudo: lizmat++ created pull request #4652:
Make the max number of threads depend on number of cores
rakudo: 259d29b36d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core.c/IterationBuffer.pm6
Add IterationBuffer.unshift/prepend methods (#4641)

Seems like a logical addition without interfering with the performance of the other IterationBuffer logic. And I have a use-case for it :-)
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japhb Xliff_: It might be worth checking that parallel precomp threading case with HEAD rakudo, because new-disp and a ton of reliability bugfixes have landed since 2021.09. 15:40
Xliff_ japhb: Heh. Next time I have access to something with more than 32 cores, I will. ;) 15:47
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gfldex m: my @a = 1,2 … Inf; say @a.first(* > 1, :end); @a.tail; 19:03
camelia Nil
Cannot tail a lazy list
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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gfldex is there a reason why first(:end) silently fails but tails refuses to work with lazy lists? 19:03
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lizmat gfldex: can't think of a particular reason for this inconsistency 23:27
gfldex There is actually a test for Inf in line github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast....pm6#L1406 . 23:49
lizmat: tail is using iterators that in turn throw X::Cannot::Lazy, while first is using nqp::while . 23:54