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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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Geth rakudo: 90a04ac01a | (Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 6 files
Implement sub rotor (#4661)

implement sub rotor() for 6.e
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Geth rakudo/no-uniprop-foo: 804 commits pushed by 36 authors
review: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/compare/0...baff4c185b
rakudo: 2b355dc466 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 11 files
Remove uniprop-(int|str|bool) (#4308)

They appear to have been added at some point, but they are not tested nor are they documented, nor are they needed in the setting nor any core modules.
Their functionality seems to intended as a performance shortcut for the ... (6 more lines)
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lizmat meh... that didn't work out well :-( 15:30
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Geth rakudo: cc5f17a027 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/unicodey.pm6
Remove method versions of uniprop-(int|bool|str)

Apparently removing these also, dropped out of
bartolin MasterDuke: a while ago you approved github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4675. (thanks for looking!) Merging that PR would require a minor tweak to roast: github.com/Raku/roast/pull/777. Do you have an opinion about that change as well? (I think, it would be fine, since the test is just a bit more unspecific.) 15:38
(btw, I'm guilty of having introduced the overly specific test for the error message. but still, this is technically a change to the language now) 15:41
MasterDuke yeah, that seems like a reasonable change to me 15:49
might want to ping jdv though, now that he's the release manager
bartolin good point, will do (probably later) :) 15:51
Altai-man IME such tweaks are considered fine 15:52
bartolin Altai-man: thanks. btw, I'm inclined to cherry-pick the change to 6.c-errata, too 15:55
Altai-man bartolin, sure, 6.d-errata too. 15:56
generally any changes to roast that make rakudo not pass roast on 6.c-errata or 6.d-errata must be backported. 15:57
For moarvm usually the release manager does the backporting, but for JVM it's also a good idea. 15:58
Geth tap-harness6/output: 74b2f6d1d1 | (Leon Timmermans)++ | lib/TAP.pm
Rename variables in Test::Harness::run for simplification
tap-harness6/output: 76290f73f2 | (Leon Timmermans)++ | lib/TAP.pm
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Geth roast: 42251a2ac1 | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ | 2 files
Tweak tests for error message for wrong arity

The tests are still very specific wrt the error message, but they now allow to mention the method, for instance:
   $ ./rakudo -e 'my $foo = ObjAt.new(:val("test")); $foo ~~ /"foo"/;'
   Too few positionals passed to 'new'; expected 2 arguments but got 1
... (5 more lines)
roast: f11f198999 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #777 from usev6/errors_wrong_arity

Tweak tests for error message for wrong arity
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Geth rakudo: 36716b18bd | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Make infix:<(~+?)&> iffy (#4689)

  ?& already was marked as such in the grammar, so make the others also to
be consistent.
  `raku -e 'say 0x7 +& 0x0 ?? "hi" !! "bye"'` no longer warns `Potential
dead code, the '?? !!' is gobbling up the result of the '&infix:<+&>'
  (line 1)`, which was a recent change as of 71c62e7c1121c19e7c4.
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japhb_ MasterDuke: I objected to that one. But d'oh, I did it in channel, probably not on the PR as well, sigh. 18:55
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Geth nqp: 33350a1296 | (Daniel Green)++ | 2 files
Implement the -o form of the --output option

It's been documented as existing for a long time, but seems to have never been implemented.
nqp: 1522202a0e | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 2 files
Merge pull request #753 from MasterDuke17/enable_short_form_of_output_command_line_option
MasterDuke japhb: i didn't actually click the merge on the infix one, maybe lizmat didn't see your objection. i'm not going to lose any sleep if it ends up reverted, and luckily it hasn't made it into a release yet. please feel free to create an issue or raise a pr reverting it with your objection 19:20
japhb github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4697 20:03
MasterDuke thanks 20:05
Geth rakudo: 0935f5b258 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Revert "Make infix:<(~+?)&> iffy (#4689)"

This reverts commit 36716b18bdcc95c396552ffe4810073e3ad5e2d9.
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Geth rakudo: 522e49a7ae | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ | 2 files
[JVM] Mention routine in error for wrong arity

This is a port of 7783fcab24 and fixes
  github.com/Raku/old-issue-tracker/issues/6275 for the JVM
nqp: afbefa1ea6 | (Daniel Green)++ | 5 files
Change nqp::radix(_I)? to return # chars converted

Make the change for the JVM and JS backends and adapt tests. The MoarVM backend requires github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/pull/1619 to be merged and then a bump done.
nqp: ce013f1c17 | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 5 files
Merge pull request #752 from MasterDuke17/change_radix_to_just_return_number_of_chars_converted
rakudo: 4a3753fbf5 | (Daniel Green)++ | 4 files
Adapt to nqp::radix(_I)? now returning # chars converted

By manually doing the exponentiation where needed. Requires
  github.com/Raku/nqp/pull/752 to be merged and NQP bumped.
rakudo: d94e88223f | MasterDuke17++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 4 files
Merge pull request #4669 from MasterDuke17/change_radix_to_just_return_number_of_chars_converted