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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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timo i'm having this ridiculous idea right now 06:55
we warn whenever we see merge conflict markers, right?
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timo what if we offered the user a way to always take the before or always take the after path (or maybe a piece of code to make the decision on a filename/line number basis, or based on the conflict lines themselves?), so you'll end up with being able to test your code with a partially resolved merge conflict 06:56
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timo has anybody recommended git imerge to y'all yet? 07:49
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[Coke] -1 for any more magic based on merge conflict markers; what if you have multiple instance, how do you answer the question for each one? 14:42
vrurg Agree. This is the road where we end up having a whole lot of infrastructure for different SCM built into the compiler itself. 15:02
I'd say a tool would do any kind of job like that better than a compiler would. 15:03
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timo do different scm actually have noticeably different conflict markers? 16:00
but yeah, it's not actually important to have this %)
Voldenet it's useful to recognize that because conflict markers in heredocs are not going to be errors 16:14
perl recognizes such markers: perl -e '<<<<<<<' 16:16
> Version control conflict marker at -e line 1, near "<<<<<<<"
gcc recognizes that as well, clang doesn't 16:17
(Ok, clang recognizes only proper syntax as version control conflict marker) 16:19
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Voldenet this made me wonder why `<<<<<<< HEAD` in the code isn't immediately marked as a failure 16:56
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