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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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[Coke] jdv: Is there a ticket or a gist showing the issues you faced with Blin? 14:48
and: Does anyone else have Blin installed somewhere where they can run the tests if needed? (I will revisit my linux VM after work today to see) 14:49
vrurg [Coke]: I have it locally, but haven't ran for a long while. Not sure if it would start right away. 14:59
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vrurg [Coke]: on master I get a symbol merge error with Whaterable (duplicate SSL symbol). With ./docker/dblin it fails with 'Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref 'refs/heads/master' from the remote, but no such ref was fetched.' 15:14
That's as much as I have time for at the moment. 15:15
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[Coke] (duplicate SSL symbol) yup, faced a similar issue trying to use Whateverable here. 15:37
I had been trying to install it, not run it standalone (which was later guidance); if you're getting the same issue standalone... 15:38
jdv no. there's a lot. 15:42
i still haven't gotten around to slogging more into it.
i run it in a docker container that i built last year i think 15:43
i may finally be able to get around to it again in the coming days. the last few months - that has not been the case 15:46
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[Coke]__ vrurg: github.com/Raku/whateverable/issues/386 - if you're getting a similar error running out of a git clone, can you add a note there? 16:07
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jdv that error doesn't look familiar to me 16:09
i'll put a gist together by EOD
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jdv [Coke]: gist.github.com/jdv/5c75603dc4a923...838548e14f 17:24
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[Coke] so, looks like you're further than I am, but stuck on something else. 18:19
(I am trying to get a new install of Blin working, not the docker image) 18:20
jdv multiple fronts. i like it. but i run the docker one. 18:23
probably mutually beneficiary-ish:) 18:24
[Coke] oh - your issue seems to be that the perl6's built by whateverable aren't runnable on the latest linux variant? 18:26
jdv thats the motivating issue, yes. 18:27
otherwise we'd have a aug release
to clarify, the perl6s built by whateverable arent runnable on debian buster (the docker images current os) 18:30
github.com/Raku/Blin/blob/master/d...kerfile#L6 18:32
[Coke] so maybe the fix is as simple as changing the OS the docker container uses as a base? 18:35
jdv thats where i ran out of time doing:) 18:36
but deps change... bitrot... 18:37
but yes. the idea was to try to get the blin docker image built on debian bookworm and hopefully be in a better position to go forward from there. 18:40
thats all i got so far;)
lizmat could there be a reason why Blin would not work on MacOS ? 18:42
jdv i dont know
lizmat ok, good enough for me, I guess 18:44
jdv i only have linux available to me:( 18:45
wut issue do u experience?
lizmat Nothing yet
I just realized I have a MacMini with stlll ~390GB disk space 18:46
would that be enough
jdv for wut then? 18:47
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[Coke] lizmat: my hope is I can get it running on this azure VM and then fire it up as needed. (but getting running in docker on mac sounds great too) 19:40
lizmat I guess I' old fashioned wanting this to run on actual metal ? 19:41
jdv looks around in astoundment 19:49
if we can just get a decent run ill be happier 19:50
no release til bil'lyn...! 19:51
i used to live in brooklyn:) 19:52
*blin',lyn 19:53
jdv cant type
Nemokosch do y'all know what's so special about negative numbers? they aren't a part of tokens <value>, <number> and <numish> in Raku grammar 20:26
that's why they fail in signature returns, for example 20:27
what's the rationale behind that? 20:28
vrurg [Coke]: I was installing dependencies, so it's not a standalone case either. 20:30
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