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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Voldenet ⚓ is an anchor obviously… 00:01
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Nemokosch xddd 00:02
vrurg 'sunk', 'block', and 'key' 01:05
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Nemokosch 👍 01:57
vrurg: by the way, when will be the next lesson held? 🥺
vrurg Jan 7. 01:58
BTW, it reminds me that I've got a zoom link today and need to publish it.
Nemokosch that was quick... is there a schedule somewhere?
vrurg calendar.google.com/calendar/event...google.com 01:59
Nemokosch 🗒️ 02:00
vrurg I have updated the entry with Zoom Meeting info. 02:01
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Nemokosch trying to add proper &variables to RakuAST... doesn't seem too much work but that doesn't mean I wouldn't mess it up 😄 02:07
my hope is that this would automatically fix, well, perhaps a number of test cases as well but what seems more appealing is the `my Type &var` anomaly 02:09
apparently it's troublesome that `Callable` is not a class... for now, I would be happy to generate with `Code` 02:33
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hm, no, life would be too simple.... there is something special about Array and Hash, they aren't just any type 02:43
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note to self: PRODUCE-META-OBJECT, container descriptors 03:26
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Geth rakudo/main: dd49f98e88 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
Add basic RakuAST::Label tests

This is just for the object itself, tests where labels are actually used inside code will need to be added later. This appears to be impossible atm, as the RakuAST::Label class appears to be missing a IMPL-TO-QAST method implementation.
Also, it is unclear how RakuAST::Label should be used when building ad-hoc structures. Should it be a member of a StatementList, or an attribute of a StatementList?
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Geth rakudo/main: ddecbe687a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/RakuAST/Deparse.pm6
Change X::NYI.new.throw to NYI.throw

To reduce bytecode size, mainly
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Manifest0 Hi. I asked this in #raku, but maybe here is more appropriated. 22:12
I made a little script in raku, but from time to time the script core dumps.
I have no idea why. Is anybody interested in the coredump file? Should i open a github issue with just the coredump? 22:13
vrurg_ Manifest0: first make sure it is not caused by a module using NativeCall. 22:22
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Manifest0 how can i know that? 22:23
paste.opensuse.org/pastes/5c956fba74b4 22:25
Nemokosch NativeCall itself is a (core) module. Are you using it in your code, or does any of the modules you are using, use it? 22:28
Usually you don't need to start guessing because it's a fundamental choice for a module if it relies on foreign calls to a binary interface or uses "pure Raku" 22:29
Manifest0 I'm not using it directly. Not sure about the modules. I'm using DBIish; DateTime::Parse; Cro::HTTP::Client; XML; Term::ReadKey; Term::termios; HTML::Entity::Fast; 22:30
Apparently DBIish uses nativecall: github.com/raku-community-modules/...le.rakumod 22:32
termios and Term::ReadKey also use nativecall. So what should i do now? 22:35
Nemokosch DBIish is sussy imo 😅 22:46
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vrurg Manifest0: in your dump it is not clear which thread is the culprit. But often there is no direct link between the cause of a memory corruption and the place where it exploded. So, things are not gonna be that straightforward anyway. 23:13
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