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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Manifest0 vrurg: It seems when i use MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 the issue doesn't happen. However i will tell with more confidence with more testing time. 11:01
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vrurg Manifest0: yep, that normally points at moar itself. For more detailed coredump you could build a debug version. I normally do it with `./Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar --make-install --moar-option='--debug=3' --moar-option='--no-optimize'`. For own convenience I do it in a dedicated directory and register that installation with rakubrew. 14:27
Manifest0: BTW, if you do that Configure.pl in a previously configured repo directory then add --force-rebuild. 14:31
Manifest0 vrurg: I use archlinux. Let's see if i can rebuild the moarvm with those options. 15:08
nine I just run this in my MoarVM checkout: perl Configure.pl --prefix=/home/nine/rakudo/install --debug --optimize=0 --valgrind && make NOISY=1 -j35 install 15:10
No rakudo rebuild needed. I have that in a script called debug-on and there's a corresponding debug-off script, so I can switch quickly 15:11
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Manifest0 paste.opensuse.org/pastes/8c4d8ead58ff 15:58
I can provide the binary if someone interested 15:59
This was done with moarvm with the flags --debug=3 and --no-optimize 16:00
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vrurg Manifest0: it certainly worth opening an issue in github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM. 16:10
Manifest0 but i don't have any more info. Just paste there the core dump? 16:11
vrurg And explain the surrounding circumstances. 16:12
What confuses me in your dump is that it doesn't report which thread has actually thrown. And it doesn't include any detailed info. Best if a dump is produced with gdb. It gives the most details possible. 16:13
Manifest0 will run it inside of gdb. Give me a couple mins 16:17
vrurg Ah, I see what happens. I rarely do C debugging, details are slipping out of my memory. So, with a post-mortem dumps I used to use `coredumpctl debug <PID>` (Mint distro). Then it opens with the faulty thread backtrace. So, never noticed that they actually don't report it in the header. 16:21
Need to go. Good luck! 16:24
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Manifest0 Does anybody knows how to dump everything inside the gbd? 21:19
Thread 16 "raku" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 21:20
[Switching to Thread 0x7fffceffd6c0 (LWP 235738)]
0x00007ffff796c774 in uv_fileno () from /usr/lib/libmoar.so
ugexe thread apply all bt 21:21
Manifest0 thanks. Lots of stuff, let me paste it 21:24
paste.opensuse.org/pastes/fcc1f5fab1cd 21:25
ugexe what is your code using? async tcp sockets, async udp sockets, or spawning processes? 21:27
Manifest0 i'm using Cro::HTTP::Client inside promises 21:29
react {whenever Supply.Interval(120) {start $lock.protect: { *do stuff with http client* } whenever... } 21:30
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Manifest0 Created this github issue: github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/issues/1732 22:09
please let me know if more info is required
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