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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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nine Manifest0: just to make sure, that latest result was with MVM_JIT_DISABLE=1 but _not_ MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1? 13:15
Manifest0 nine: i tested with MVM_JIT_DISABLE and it didn't crash. 13:39
either with MVM_JIT_DISABLE or MVM_SPESH_DISABLE doesn't crash 13:40
nine Manifest0: that is definitely interesting. Can you please try again with MVM_JIT_EXPR_DISABLE=1? 14:04
Manifest0 sure 15:26
nine: it still crashes with MVM_JIT_EXPR_DISABLE=1 16:08
nine Manifest0: so the bug is in the lego JIT. 16:17
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