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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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lizmat ab5tract: nope, it's after BEGIN time 00:12
m: BEGIN say "begin"; CHECK say "check"
camelia begin
lizmat m: CHECK say "check"; BEGIN say "begin"
camelia begin
ab5tract that was an easy proof, wish I had thought of that 00:23
lizmat sleep& 00:24
ab5tract do we have anything earlier than begin-time available in RakuAST? I'm running into scenarios where the lookup of names into package stashes is happening prior to the installation into package stashes
nine: I've pushed my attempt at an IMPL-RESOLVE-NAME-IN-PACKAGES that looks into name parts. Though after looking at the implementations of other IMPL-RESOLVE methods, I realized that I think I'm just duplicating that 00:26
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nine ab5tract there is is-begin-performed-before-children and the corresponding PERFORM-BEGIN-BEFORE-CHILDREN. That's about the earliest one can do something. Worst case is the grammar having to do something. Alternative is to figure out a way to defer those lookups 08:09
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Geth rakudo/main: dbc994398f | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
Streamline comments about CORE-SETTING-REV
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ab5tract hmmm, it's not working with PERFORM-BEGIN-BEFORE-CHILDREN.. 09:32
later on today I will try with doing it directly in Actions (I assume that's what you meant about doing it directly in the grammar). The defer thingy sounds interesting but complex 09:33
nine What exactly is the problem you're facing? 09:45
ab5tract the installation (and creation of packages) is happening after the grammar for assignment calls resolve-name 09:48
so we get a malformed my error on things like 'subset P::F where 5; my P::F $f = 5' 09:49
nine Oh....yes, you need to call IMPL-CHECK manually from the action, just like in package_def 09:51
ab5tract ok, will take a look at that after my appointment. thanks! 09:52
"No such method 'IMPL-QAST-DECL' for invocant of type 'RakuAST::Declaration::External::Constant'" :) 09:59
alright, appointment time
the above is probably related to my attempt to get the resolver to use name parts to check packages. 10:01
nope, it still happens when I've got my new code commented out. hmmm 10:03
okay, really leaving now
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lizmat notable6: weekly 11:24
notable6 lizmat, 1 note: 2023-01-31T22:36:06Z <NemokoschKiwi>: 5ab5traction5.bearblog.dev/i-raku-...structors/
lizmat notable6: weekly reset 11:30
notable6 lizmat, Moved existing notes to “weekly_2023-02-06T11:30:48Z”
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/02/06/2023-...en-davies/ 11:53
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nine lizmat++ 12:08
Geth nqp/main: 848bf1b2ff | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 3 files
[JVM] Add op jvmgetunicodeversion (#797)

The idea is to use this op in Rakudo's src/core.e/core_prologue.pm6 to set $?UNICODE-VERSION.
rakudo/main: c8f12210a3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP to get nqp::jvmgetunicodeversion support
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Geth rakudo/main: ee277f6568 | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core.e/core_prologue.pm6
[JVM] Add support for $?UNICODE-VERSION (#5188)

The op "uniprop" isn't available on the JVM backend yet. But since we rely on Java's Unicode support anyway, we could derive the supported Unicode version from the Java version. This is hidden in a NQP op, which is specific for the JVM backend.
¦ rakudo: lizmat self-assigned set op doesn't preserve class inheritance github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5190 13:03
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patrickb I just noticed that the GSoC org applications deadline is tomorrow evening. Is there willingness among the 2021 Mentors to Mentor in 2023 AS well? If yes, we might manage to push the application through. I'm willing to throw time at this. But it only makes sense to do so if we have mentor(s). here is the ideas list of 2021: github.com/perl-foundation-outreac.../main/raku 15:33
^ ping nine, JJ, tony-o, finanalyst, lizmat, donaldh, MasterDuke 15:37
Nemokosch patrickb++
patrickb JJ, [Coke]: Do you have time available to wrangle the application form itself or at least provide me with credentials? 15:39
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lizmat patrickb count me in 17:18
tonyo patrickb: i'm willing 17:22
tellable6 2023-02-06T00:45:29Z #raku <guifa> tonyo: melezhik is interested in how to disable tar in fez config
tonyo guifa: i left a .tell for melezhik in #raku
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ab5tract okay, I'm at a total loss for how to proceed with the remaining subset issues. 17:58
I'll be back but first I've got to give the old brain a rest 17:59
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Geth rakudo/main: 586466e921 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
Hopefully fix all inheritance issues with set operators

In response to github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5190
roast: a647a0ecae | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/bag.t
Add test for #5190
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Geth nqp/main: 51d20a5532 | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | docs/ops.markdown
Fix link to documentation of jvmgetunicodeversion

The reference to the anchor was missing a trailing ```-jvm```.
ab5tract my changes have caused a number of NativeCall tests to start failing. I'm not sure if it's because I uncovered a subtle bug when I fixed adding nominalizable constraints for parameters 18:56
'No such method 'ACCEPTS' for invocant of type '::?CLASS:D''
I have a feeling that the regression in passing tests in my branch is due to these "post constraints" being ignored before 19:00
Geth rakudo/lizmat-Unicode-version: ca4daf98d2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
Replace $?UNICODE-VERSION by Unicode.version

  - creates a Unicode class to keep info about Unicode versions
  - add a Unicode.version class method with former $?UNICODE-VERSION value
  - add a Unicode.NFG class method indicating support for NFG
  - adapt tests accordingly
rakudo: lizmat++ created pull request #5191:
Replace $?UNICODE-VERSION by Unicode.version
nqp: usev6++ created pull request #798:
Add --gen-moar/--with-moar to build command
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Nemokosch okay... so if I understand it correctly, QAST is not meant to contain everything needed to determine the behavior 21:53
the data structures come from the metamodel, right?
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Geth nqp: usev6++ created pull request #799:
Mark t/nqp/063-slurp.t as self-referential
patrickb Quick call for mentors. It seems that we could actually manage to get our GSoC application through. Having more potential mentors is a good thing (also helps with the application). Whoever fells up to mentoring a project (you don't necessarily need to have a specific project in mind) please speak up in the next 15 hours or so. 22:11
Nemokosch what does mentoring involve, if I may? 22:14
patrickb If you do have a project idea you are willing to mentor, then type together a description using this github.com/perl-foundation-outreac...emplate.md template (the repo is not yet up, but please just mail me at [email@hidden.address] 22:17
If you do have a project idea you are willing to mentor, then type together a description using this github.com/perl-foundation-outreac...emplate.md template (the repo is not yet up, but please just mail me at patrick.boeker@posteo.de)
See here
Nemokosch thankies 22:24
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