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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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ab5tract nine: in case it wasn't clear, I've applied your recommended changes to my PR 10:42
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nine ab5tract: thanks! I hope to find time for a review tomorrow. 18:17
tellable6 nine, I'll pass your message to ab5tract
[Coke] re-pings on github.com/Raku/roast/pull/730, which is a bit old. 19:07
Can someone approve or reject this?
vrurg did approve in Apr 2021
lizmat it's not mergeable atm 19:08
[Coke] I can clean it up so it's no longer a conflict if that helps.
lizmat yes, please :-)
[Coke] it deletes 3 files and removes them from spectest.data
... before I do that, will it get merged if I do that? :) 19:09
lizmat yup
[Coke] ok, then happy to.
Geth roast/rosetta: d6a390c64d | Coke++ | 4 files
Remove Rosettacode tests

Closes #651
roast: coke++ created pull request #832:
Remove Rosettacode tests
[Coke] ^^ made a new one, it's easier. 19:14
Geth roast: 504f0265ee | (Will Coleda)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | 4 files
Remove Rosettacode tests (#832)

Closes #651
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[Coke] Yay, 2 year old PR closed! :) 20:06
(only was reminded of it because of the github ios app I installed this week)
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shmup where would I have seen the little bit of docs about the helper tool z, bc it referenced my friend's tool z and i wanted to show him lol 20:20
(i dont even know if he knows that it's actually distributed with various distros, which this doc/thing i'm asking for ^ mentioned too heh)
my bad. guess it was simply the README in the repository i was reading :3 github.com/Raku/z 20:24
Nemokosch never knew about z o.o 20:55
apparently another Zoffix special
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Geth rakudo/main: a83376c4e1 | (Justin DeVuyst)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | docs/release_guide.pod
Update release_guide.pod
jdv if we could refrain from changing main because relase that would be nice 21:54
[Coke] pull requests for everyone! :) 21:56
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Geth rakudo: patrickbkr++ created pull request #5211:
Switch Supply.zip to a watermark approach (rework)
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releasable6 Next release in ≈19 hours. 2 blockers. Please log your changes in the ChangeLog: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/ChangeLog-Draft 23:00
jdv .seen AlexDaniel 23:53
tellable6 jdv, I saw AlexDaniel 2023-02-03T17:26:21Z in #raku-dev: <AlexDaniel> and it didn't need to build all the commits since 2022.12 because it keeps building commits on all branches anyway, even if it's not the main branch
jdv .tell AlexDaniel releaseable6's status function seems borked. moving on without it for now. 23:59
tellable6 jdv, I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel