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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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patrickb lizmat: Could the RAST based highlighting thing possibly work without executing code in BEGIN blocks or similar? 07:31
jdv: There was talk about a point release to have a release that works on Windows. What's your opinion? 07:33
lizmat patrickb: no, BEGIN blocks would get executed, INIT blocks wouldn't, CHECK I would need to check 07:49
patrickb I feared so. Thanks for confirming! 07:55
lizmat nine: any idea why: 08:52
m: say Q|.Str|.AST
camelia RakuAST::StatementList.new(
expression => RakuAST::Term::TopicCall.new(
name => RakuAST::Name.from-identifier("Str")
lizmat is ok and:
m: say Q|$_.Str|.AST
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling
------> $_.Str⏏<EOL>
lizmat is not?
the above is a golf
nine: it feels like the .AST method in core_epilogue is missing something, perhaps an outer resolver? 09:35
also: only seems to happen with method calls on variables 09:37
where the variable somehow cannot be resolved
setting up a $*R before the call to .compile, makes it bomb inside that resolver it seems 09:38
my $*R := RakuAST::Resolver.new(:global(GLOBAL), :context($eval_ctx)); 09:40
still I think that just indicates that the resolver inside the EVAL isn't seeing its own known variables for some reason 09:41
shorter golf: 09:50
m: say Q|++$_|.AST
camelia RakuAST::StatementList.new(
expression => RakuAST::ApplyPrefix.new(
prefix => RakuAST::Prefix.new("++"),
operand => RakuAST::Var::Lexical.new("\$_")
lizmat m: say Q|$_++|.AST
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling
------> $_++⏏<EOL>
lizmat so it feels something's amiss with ApplyPostfix that isn't amiss with ApplyPrefix
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lizmat hmmm., traced it down to line 900 in Actions: if nqp::istype($postfix, RakuAST::Postfixish) { 11:05
fails even though the $postfix is a RakuAST::Postfix
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Geth rakudo/main: f581d020c6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/Raku/Actions.nqp
RakuAST: fix .AST not handing method calls on variables

This turned out to be caused by RakuAST::Methodish not having been properly resolved at .AST time. So resolve it properly by wrapping it in a self.r() call in the Actions.
lizmat nine: ^^ found it :-)
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Geth rakudo/main: c5b917db1d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 4 files
RakuAST: var declaration can now handle traits

When called as RakuAST::VarDeclaration::Simple. The grammar never directly sets any traits, but manual building ASTs probably will.
Also fix .raku and deparsing, and add a test.
rakudo/main: 0557d83472 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/RakuAST/Deparse.pm6
RakuAST: fix deparsing of ::Parameter

  - traits were not included
  - 'Any' means default, so don't mention that
jdv patrickb: probably. its been fridays most of my tenure. 14:25
but it varies
Geth rakudo/main: 0fecf561ff | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 4 files
RakuAST: allow traits to be set with ::Type::Enum

  - fix .raku and deparsing by creating a "clean-clone" method to
   make sure the hidden mixed-in roles are not leaking out.
Note: it feels wrong that the xxxEnumeration roles are first added as traits to the RakuAST:: object, instead of directly to the meta object. But that's for another day.
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Geth nqp/main: 43e8c520b3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/MOAR_REVISION
Bump MoarVM to get support for unix domain sockets

rakudo/main: 2eadafa58e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/templates/NQP_REVISION
Bump NQP to get support for unix domain sockets

rakudo/main: 6f9bc5b14c | (Leon Timmermans)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core.c/IO/Socket/Async.pm6
Add connect-path and listen-path to IO::Socket::Async
rakudo/main: c452fdbf0a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core.c/IO/Socket/Async.pm6
Enable IO::Socket::Async.connect/listen-path on MoarVM only

As that's the only backend it will work on, at least for now.
lizmat so, regarding running roast with 6.e.PREVIEW as default: 19:01
what if we would install another executable / alias (e.g. raku-latest) and have the loading logic check the name and then go for latest in core setting loading? 19:02
then we could pass that as the name to the harness and be done with it? No fudging of roast files needed?
afk& 19:05
[Coke] raku-6e raku-6d raku-latest 19:11
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gfldex lizmat: how about `RAKUDO_OVERRIDE_VERSION=6.e.PREVIEW raku your-script-here.raku`. That would make it a general purpose feature. 22:19
And we don't need a dozen executables in 20 years time. 22:21