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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Geth roast: f81f6d83cf | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S26-documentation/04-code.t
Fix implicit code block tests

  - marked as TODO for now
  - github.com/finanalyst/Rakudoc-BETA...1639120735
roast: 2bad65a76a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S26-documentation/01-delimited.t
Remove bogus tests

established that all of those paragraphs are implicit code blocks, because abbreviated blocks such as =head1 do *not* set the margin
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[Coke] I wonder if some kind of overall project plan-style document would be helpful. (what projects do people consider to be on their individual lists, are there dependencies, is there an overall plan that they are part of. 13:11
nemokosch Well, if it's not too much effort, it's almost certainly better to at least know where people are heading, even if there is no straightforward path to get there 14:28
I still think that an organized effort for tooling would be a game changer, with relatively little Raku-specific knowledge I guess 14:29
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[Coke] What kind of tooling? 15:55
lizmat: is there a list of "these things must be completed before we can release 6.e"? I assume RakuAST is on that list, but not, e.g. "macro re-write in rakuast" 15:56
lizmat being able to build the core setting with the RakuAST grammar, is a hard prerequisite I'd say 16:19
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[Coke] throws this against the wall: gist.github.com/coke/83ea82167f753...5e014e5c81 17:29
Comments and additions welcome
jdv i thought ast was a ways off from being stable 17:51
lizmat what has been implemented, has been pretty stable
jdv doe that mean 6.e is "a ways off"?
i mean like not experimental, mostly done.
lizmat if you do: 'use v6.e.PREVIEW' it's already not experimental anymore :-) 17:55
or 'use v6.*'
[Coke] I imagine we need a changelog for 6.e itself 17:56
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lizmat yeah, that's going to be quite a job in of itself... but could be started now already 18:01
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nemokosch I have vague recollections that it wasn't clear what will be a distinct RakuAST node and what simply a property of an existing node, there are things like this 18:05
I've said this before but it's better to not jinx that it's stable when probably clearing up the interface will be a much easier, yet more impactful part than getting to a working prototype 18:06
Re [Coke] tooling: highlighter, editor plugins, LSP, profiler, this sort of stuff 18:08
btw a cool "core hacker" tool that might come from RakuAST is a syntax-based grepper 18:09
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[Coke] finds github.com/bscan/RakuNavigator 19:01
(speaking of LSP) 19:03
nemokosch yep, we talked about it a couple of times
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Geth JSON-Unmarshal/add-some-safety: 4 commits pushed by (Vadim Belman)++ 23:09
JSON-Unmarshal: vrurg++ created pull request #6:
Add some safety
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