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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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[Coke] anyone know what the failure mode of running blin on mac is? I'm seeing Attempting to fetch 53230a19449764fabb922957616eede151da0de0… 00:20
No build for start point
no indication if the error was that it couldn't get this build (did it even try?) 00:21
do I need to pre-load builds? 00:22
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vrurg [Coke]: that reminded me. Blin relies on pre-built rakudo binaries. There are no pre-builds for macos, linux only. 02:36
At least, that was the case a couple of years ago, but it is unlikely somebody has gotten it fixed. Guessing, there are no binaries for arm64 platform either. 02:38
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nine_ Oh, looks like I've fallen behind even on just reading IRC... 10:31
lizmat nine_ o/ 10:33
hope you've had a good vacation :-)
nine_ Well...it was just a one-day-trip yesterday 10:34
lizmat ah, that's very short :-( 10:35
my best bit in the past week, was removing 1 line of faulty debugging code and getting +3 test files :-) 10:36
looking at implementing "will" trait atm
nine_ Wow, that's a nice trade :)
lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/66d53dcde2 10:37
nine_: do you know why we're abusing the trait model for handling attribute initializer code, instead of just calling "set_build" on the Attribute meta-object ? 11:49
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lizmat guifa glancing over github.com/alabamenhu/PolyglotRegexen am I correct in not seeing an adverb so you could do "foo" ~~ q:ecma262/ regex / ? 12:02
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Xliff Raku-GLib suite timing statistics for Raku 2023.06.155.g.657.dada.537 12:20
Using the following processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor
Total number of projects: 34 (506509 loc)
Total non-parallel compile times: 11113.560 (326.869 avg)
Total parallel compile times: 2373.608 (69.812 avg) 4.682x speedup
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nine_ lizmat: what do you mean by abusing the trait model? 12:48
lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/657d...605C1-L607 12:49
and: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/main...8C1-L658C1 12:52
the problem is that that trait_mod is using a non-standard "will foo" interface
and in the RakuAST world, I don't see the need for the trait_mod step 12:53
I mean, we have the meta-object already
nine_ Can't tell. Only know that the old Actions do the same 12:54
lizmat that I gathered already... :-)
nine_ Well, in principle trait_mod:<will> can be overridden lexically. 12:55
lizmat but that is now interfering with generic "will foo" trait support
yeah, but this one is internal and not documented and not tested directly
nine_ Interfering how?
lizmat because the generic interface is "identifier value" 12:56
will foo $bar
the current implementation of the RakuAST:Trait::Will class only supports the "will build" case 12:58
taking the target as the first arg, and putting the value in :build()
which matches the Attribute case 12:59
but *not* the other trait_mod:<will> cases
such as github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/657d...e.pm6#L151 13:00
so either I need to special case "build" in RakuAST::Trait::Will 13:01
or change the API of the existing trait_mod:<will>s
and their calls
or: get rid of the (I think) in RakuAST no longer needed Attribute wlll build trait 13:02
nine_ We might get away with calling set_build directly 13:04
lizmat that was my thought as well :-) 13:05
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Xliff Raku-GLib suite timing statistics for Raku 2023.06.155.g.657.dada.537 13:07
Using the following processor: 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13900K
Total number of projects: 34 (505641 loc)
Total non-parallel compile times: 5728.160 (168.475 avg)
Total parallel compile times: 1025.399 (30.159 avg) 5.586x speedup
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lizmat nine: I guess the only challenge I have is to convert the RakuAST::Method object to what set_build expects 13:35
self.IMPL-BEGIN-TIME-EVALUATE($method, $resolver, $context) does not seem to cut it 13:36
$meta-object.set_build($method.IMPL-COMPILE-BODY($context)) neither 13:44
nine_ it appears I'm missing something that you may be able to tell me from experience
Geth roast: 2e9da6b388 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Remove unnecessary reliance on :P5 adverb
nine_ lizmat: I think you just have to do what RakuAST::Trait.apply does 14:18
And keep in mind that the point is _not_ to execute that method! 14:19
lizmat yeah :-)
[Coke] vrurg: (macos) I assume that's the underlying issue, but there's no diagnostic that that's the actual failure. 14:20
Geth roast/lizmat-remove-P5-tests: 3902f1d713 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 14 files
Remove all :P5 related regex tests that were testoing :P5

As suggested in:
roast: lizmat++ created pull request #837:
Remove all :P5 related regex tests that were testing :P5
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Geth roast/lizmat-remove-P5-tests: d7770cbbc4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-names-vars/perl.t
Correct number of tests run
lizmat 892 (for me at least) 14:54
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guifa lizmat: I think I made it as ecma-m/.../ but only as a proof of concept for getting it to work in that context, leaving the exact naming¡/syntax tbd 15:48
lizmat yeah, but you added a rule to match ecma-m/ / 15:49
but what about qq:ecma-m/ / ? 15:50
guifa tbh didn't even occur to me O:-)
lizmat yeah, so ideally I'm thinking like: 15:54
$*LANG.register-quote-lang('ecma-m', :allowed-adverbs<q qq>, Ecma262Role) 15:55
$*LANG.register-quote-lang('ecma', :allowed-adverbs<q qq>, Ecma262Role)
and that would allow q:ecma/foo/ or qq:ecma/ foo $bar / 15:56
guifa or maybe 15:59
my $~ECMA262 = ...; $*LANG.register-quote-lang('ecma', :allowed-adverbs<q qq>, $~ECMA262); 16:00
just since, y'know, that twigil exists hahahahaha
lizmat but why the $~ECMA262 ? 16:01
ah, JFF ?
guifa well, you'll want both the grammar and actions, and if we find a way to put the entire language in a var like that, OMG namespacing will be a thing of the past :-) 16:02
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guifa but this hits, perhaps, to there not being a general pluggable way for slangs. right now I'm mixing into $~MAIN, but I don't think long term that's a good practice, at least when doing big changes 16:05
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lizmat indeed it is not, also from a performance point of view 16:06
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Geth Shell-Command/main: 119 commits pushed by 22 authors
review: github.com/raku-community-modules/...45ea0ff715
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Geth Shell-Command/main: 5cd797853a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 9 files
Preparing for zef release
Shell-Command/main: 1850d227ef | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | META6.json
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Geth Shell-Command/main: 489d45b5f2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
if/main: 18 commits pushed by (Tobias Leich)++, (Zoffix Znet)++, (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++, (JJ Merelo)++
review: github.com/raku-community-modules/...76eb8b0322
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Geth if/main: 7feb76902c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 12 files
Preparing for zef release
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Geth if/main: 6e2022cc8e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | Changes
Shell-Command/main: 4c1fc6b4f9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
rakudo/main: 5e353bcdf7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
RakuAST: add support for .literalize of simple type objects
JSON-Unmarshal/main: 593ffbc7dc | (Vadim Belman)++ | 2 files
Clarify the definition of deserializable type objects

  - nominalize nominalizables
  - ensure that the nominalization is a nominal type
  - consider compliant if there is any public or `is build` attribute
JSON-Unmarshal/main: 246f7a3591 | (Vadim Belman)++ | 2 files
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[Coke] lizmat++ for fixing some bugs I reported. 21:43
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