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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Geth rakudo/main: 09a16585c3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
RakuAST: add basic support for whenever

  - add a RakuAST::Statement::Whenever class
  - adds support in grammar and actions
  - add deparsing and rakufication
  - adjust supply / react tests to use whenever
  - no optimizations yet
lizmat now at 917 tests passing, so +18 :-) 10:16
so now more than 2/3 of the roast tests are passing :-)
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nine Woah, nice! 11:11
I also think react/whenever was the last major piece of the grammar missing 11:12
[Tux] Saw 1 occurrence of deprecated code. 11:25
.pm file extension in raku library path seen at:
file#/pro/3gl/CPAN/Text-CSV6/lib, line 0
Please use the .rakumod extension for raku modules, or include a META6.json file that explicitly declares each raku module file instead.
Please contact the author to have these occurrences of deprecated code
adapted, so that this message will disappear!
Should I take actiions?
lizmat [Tux]: just rename lib/Text/CSV.pm to lib/Text/CSV.rakumod 11:33
and you will be fine
nemokosch that was actually a great move tbh
[Tux] Rakudo v2023.06-187-g09a16585c (v6.d) on MoarVM 2023.06-4-g75fe055c2
csv-ip5xs0.911 - 1.045
csv-ip5xs-205.268 - 6.037
csv-parser3.711 - 4.140
csv-test-xs-200.403 - 0.415
test6.252 - 7.561
test-t1.401 - 1.684
test-t --race0.839 - 0.858
test-t-2022.030 - 22.223
test-t-20 --race6.175 - 7.202
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lizmat looks like Slang::Tuxic will also need an update 12:06
ugexe alternatively one could use -I. instead of -Ilib (which everyone should be doing anyway), but if you're making a change might as well change the extensions 12:09
lizmat yeah :-)
eh 12:10
ah, yeah, the test file uses "use lib 'lib'" which it shouldn't anyways 12:11
anyways, we will need to adapt that module for RakuAST probably
nemokosch do you have an idea how to get modules to a PC that cannot be connected to the internet? is there a reasonably simple way to collect them so that I can copy them to that machine? 12:22
lizmat put the tar-files on a USB-stick ? 12:23
untar them, then do "zef install ." inside the tar dir ?
nemokosch yeah well, the question is, how do I get the tar files? if a module has 10 dependencies, do I have to manually download all of them? or where are they stored? 12:26
lizmat the unpacked tar files live in ~/.zef/store if that helps ? 12:27
nemokosch that probably does, one way or another 12:28
lizmat clean it out, install a distribution locally, and ~/.zef/store contains all the deps ?
[Tux] Rakudo v2023.06-187-g09a16585c (v6.d) on MoarVM 2023.06-4-g75fe055c2
csv-ip5xs0.791 - 0.900
csv-ip5xs-205.519 - 5.689
csv-parser3.664 - 3.957
csv-test-xs-200.392 - 0.417
test7.012 - 7.070
test-t1.380 - 1.405
test-t --race0.837 - 0.846
test-t-2020.429 - 21.120
test-t-20 --race6.855 - 6.915
(rakumod change pushed) 12:29
nemokosch will those deps resolve properly if I just copy the whole thing to another machine? 12:32
all the more fun, this is windows and I have no clue where "~/.zef" would be 12:52
lizmat [Tux] could you also bump the version, please :-) 12:54
nemokosch okay great, it generated in the Users folder 13:00
[Coke] You can use something like App::Zef-Deps (sp?) to get all the deps on a connected machine. 13:04
nemokosch for now I will try to "hack" the .zef/store folder with the things installed on a different machine 13:06
using zef --/rea --/fez --force-fetch install .
[Tux] done 13:08
lizmat [Tux]++
nemokosch App::Rak::Complete depends on sourcery:ver<0.0.4> that fails tests now 13:15
lizmat nemokosch uploaded new version of App::Rak::Complete with fixes 13:27
nemokosch thankies 13:56
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Geth rakudo: vrurg++ created pull request #5331:
Fix a coercion in `Range` constructor
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nemokosch well, that didn't work out 14:19
they don't resolve when I copy the whole cluster to the other machine. Tried to mangle with the manifest.zef file but I don't even know if that's what one should do 14:20
either way, it was of no use
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maybe it wouldn't work with Windows at all... 14:54
ugexe `zef update cached`/`zef update` would update the MANIFEST.zef file 16:20
`zef list cached` would tell you what distributions the cache contains 16:21
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nemokosch thanks, I will probably have to return to it at some point; for now I'm just getting around with Rakudo Star built-ins 21:05
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hythm fwiw if one needs to install dists without internet access, and open to use Pakku, if there is a collection of dists in local directory (e.g C:\Users\grunt-win\my-local-dists\), one can install dists by running: 23:14
pakku config new; # create config file
pakku config recman my-local-dists set location C:\Users\grunt-win\my-local-dists\; # add local recommendation manager 23:15
pakku config recman pakku disableĀ  # to disable default (online) recommendation manager if needed
pakku add MyDist ## will install MyDist and its dependencies, assuming MyDist and (its dependencies) directories exist in my-local-dists 23:18
Geth rakudo/main: b4b779525f | (Vadim Belman)++ | src/core.c/Range.pm6
Fix a coercion in `Range` constructor

It used to accept any input causing the `(Real, WhateverCode)` candidate to throw. Make it only accept `Cool` as it is more likely to be what is really expected.
rakudo/main: 7432c7abcc | (Vadim Belman)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/core.c/Range.pm6
Merge pull request #5331 from vrurg/range-constructor-coercion-fix

Fix a coercion in `Range` constructor