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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tbrowder__ howdy, i'm just using DISTRIBUTION in my code and find its method .content($path) to be confusing. it's not content, it's an open file handle (IO::Handle i think). seems to me its name should better reflect its action 12:13
'content' to me says it's already been slurped 12:16
i would file an issue if anyone agrees with me 12:18
name it something like “.handle” or “.io-handle” 12:44
or “.file-handle” 12:45
keep the existing name and deprecate it as usual 12:46
ugexe Disagree 12:54
it’s a handle because it might not be backed by a file 12:55
We have return types partly to tell you what it is. You don’t name the function after what something returns 12:57
ab5tract lizmat: how deeply tied to the current find-nodes implementation are you? 13:09
tellable6 ab5tract, I'll pass your message to lizmat
ab5tract because I need a different version of it and I don't know whether to replace the existing one or to add a new 'find-methods-exclusive' that adds what I need (a full Code version of :stopper and exclusion of any elements matching :stopper regardless of whether they meet :condition) 13:11
s/find-methods/find-nodes/ 13:12
tbrowder__ ugexe: thnx, pls all disregard my input ref .content 13:26
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