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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tbrowder__ nemokosch: will look 11:58
nemokosch 👍 thanks 12:39
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[Coke] Glad we're still fighting DOS in this day and age. :) 14:33
(I know, I know, it's not DOS specifically)
ugexe windows commitment to backwards compatibility 15:42
jdv how relevant is windows and dos these days? 15:44
ugexe windows is always going to be relevant for getting new blood because it is the gaming os
[Coke] Also lots of potential corporate usage 15:46
jdv doesn't mojo use emojis in fs paths? wonder if they just skip win like systems 15:48
nemokosch I'm also among the people who use Windows only because of the games at this point, and you're right, it's the main OS at company as well, even though the software runs on Linux 15:58
For development, I'd usually just grab WSL, these days it integrates so well that one can open up GUI without any X hackery needed 16:01
jdv i guess i'm in the minority then i guess. I haven't used a win32 box in 8 or so years for dev/work. 16:05
too much guessing:) 16:06
[Coke] (software runs on linux). I'm in a similar boat. our *product* isn't necessary windows based, but our dev is, and my day to day box is windows. 16:07
nemokosch At the previous workplace one could get away from windows and just use Ubuntu, the main advantage being the similar environment to the product (ranging from Debian and SLES to outright Solaris 8) 16:17
It was fun to acquire and repair SPARC hardware... 16:18
[Coke] I fondly remember sparcstations. 16:33
I also do not fondly remember AIX
jdv that stuff was expensive 16:36
i only got to play with some thanks the to cash that was set ablaze during the dotbomb period 16:37
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tbrowder__ nemokosch: i put up another PR for File::Find for tweaks in README. the current windows workflow included ugexe's suggestions but this update changes zef test to zef installincludes a tweak for 22:17
*to zef install FULL STOP 22:18
nemokosch sure 22:34
probably will have to wait a couple of days, the situation is kind of like a jungle atm
tbrowder__ no problemo 23:30
i really like ugexe's and tonyo's proj to improve module distro handling! 23:32
a spec on top would be verra cool 23:33
and more formal windows support 23:34
(ugh) can't believe i'm saying that
ugexe zef always worked perfectly on windows, but it cant do anything about rakudo internals 23:38
the windows issues are in moarvm itself
japhb ugexe: MoarVM itself or one of its dependencies (e.g. libuv)? 23:42
ugexe well i guess its either moarvm or rakudo+moarvm depending how you look at it 23:46
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ugexe to oversimplify it all paths (that hit windows apis) need to be prefixed with \\?\ and to not use forward slashes 23:47
i hard coded a bunch of such prefixes into rakudo source code and got to the point where i could work with long paths on windows. but integrating that the way it should be was gonna be more work than i anticipated 23:49