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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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[Coke] anyone "own" raku.org? 00:56
I've been doing PRs for some small stuff, but don't know if anyone cares. 00:57
(... enough if I just push to master)
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lizmat [Coke] all merged 08:46
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lizmat system update time& 09:51
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nine_ Am I the only one who chuckles every time they look at RakuAST::VarDeclaration::*Simple* (emphasis mine) 10:00
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ab5tract_ nine_ … I was thinking exactly that this morning 11:18
I guess its a good example of torture the implementor 11:19
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[Coke] thanks, lizmat. 13:05
coleman [Coke] I got your messages on GitHub. I haven't looked at raku.org's deployment before, but I can investigate this saturday 13:31
Interviews until then 13:32
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nemokosch that would be very welcome ^^ 13:43
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[Coke] coleman - i think the hope is that we eventually switch to the non p5 version. I think none of the issues I tagged you on last night are critical. 14:15
I was able to get the p5 version running locally but without something like nginx in front of it, all the links are broken (/foo vs. /foo/index.html) 14:16
(so much faster to install via rakubrew than perlbrew, btw on the m2) 14:17
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nemokosch yes but it did kind of work locally with plackup as well 14:20
actually, today I have time to have another go to craft a Caddy image
last time I tried, it "ran" but I couldn't actually access anything
the configuration of the doc site is not immediately reusable the least to say 14:21
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[Coke] lizmat: planet.raku.org/ is you these days, yes? 16:26
lizmat eh, no? 16:30
there's a repo for it and it appears to update from the repo
[Coke] ok - readme says to ping *me* in irc chat. :) 16:31
(for raku.org)
lizmat PRs welcome :-) 16:33
[Coke] yah, glad I asked I was just going to swap your name out 16:34
er, in
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[Coke] lizmat, you can close github.com/Raku/planet.raku.org/issues/8 18:00
(i'm not logged into github on this box currently or I'd do it)
(Or anyone can, thanks) 18:09
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lizmat closed 18:59
[Coke] do some OS'es actually support an irc:// URL? 19:10
lizmat latest MacOS doesn\t 19:11
at least not in Safari
[Coke] codesections: any thoughts on github.com/Raku/raku.org/issues/192 19:22
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[Coke] I'm going to take over raku.org/whatever and make it just IDEs, but not change the URL, only the menu header. This work for folks? 20:13
I can also change the URL itself, but I figure that opens a can of worms about redirects we can deal with later. 20:14
worst case I can do a meta redirect
nemokosch will be funny to consolidate the templates 20:19
but no worries, I don't assume you learn something very mowyw-specific suddently...
[Coke] no, I'd only do something right now that is pure html, probably 20:20
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[Coke] Gabor's screencasts say "but for now Perl 6 remains a dream or a research project" 21:15
I think we should remove the links to that.
I'll open a ticket for people to comment on.
github.com/Raku/raku.org/issues/209 - please add any comments there, I'll remove them in a few days 21:18
I am finding the menus are not updated automatically. Each page seems to be cached. Not sure if there's an easy way to bust the cache given the site is intended to be mostly static 21:25
nemokosch oh the menus? 21:30
they come from a template 21:31
and I think that template uses some shared state to mark the current menu item visited
github.com/Raku/raku.org/blob/mast...s/menu-nav 21:32
if the menus change, probably all source files that link to it need to be regenerated
same goes for all files in includes/
[Coke] if I refresh, it's fine 21:40
it's a browser cache issue, not a content regen issue.
Anyone know who this is? www.youtube.com/@Perl6Now/ 21:48
We are linking to their video playlists, but it's all Perl 6 branded.
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tonyo haha, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKmUZVKIdK...;index=190 22:03
nemokosch that's interesting... what even could be cached about the structure of an HTML file
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[Coke] it'san http cache, not an html cache 22:14
I'm am assuming the nginx has some small cache time defined. 22:15
I haven't verified this, just have seen this kind of thing before
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nemokosch I mean sure, I just don't recall this happening with HTML of all browser media 22:48
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[Coke] github.com/Raku/raku.org/issues/186 - can someone provide the github links to the current 6.d/6.e in progress roast links? 23:52
I'll do the website edit if someone adds the links 23:53
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