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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman building new site in a Docker container now... 22:33
added my attempt at building the old site to this gist from last week 22:45
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[Coke] coleman: missing step, need to install mojolicious in your perl5 22:56
coleman gotcha 22:57
[Coke] //Installation
did some very minor ticket maint last few days. Need to reach out to devops and ask if the instructions we have are OK for the new site. 22:58
coleman I thought the new site was pre-release and only Altai-man was working on it? 22:59
[Coke] The goal is to make it a release, so need devops signoff. 23:04
but yes, today, it's not live anywhere
we could have devops spin it up somewhere "official" as part of the testing.
-> afk
coleman understood 23:05
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