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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] I have a friend ex-coworker who does technical writing, pinged them to see if they have any interest in working on an OSS project. :) 16:16
coleman cool; I'm still working on my build env. I'll get there, just boiling the ocean at the moment. 17:43
e.g. building the toolchain from scratch
If you sort the issues by date, there are many old ones. 17:44
Perhaps some are defunct and should be closed? I don't know what our policy should be on this. I kind of like to close stuff. 17:45
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coleman ping (again) 19:14
[Coke] I do not like closing tickets merely because they are old. I agree old tickets should be reviewed to verify they are not defunct. 21:54
coleman I agree, that's prudent. 21:55
I'm getting close on my ground-up CI environment for Altai-man's docs site 22:00
I pay for a buildkite account and I run build agents in LXD, so I've been sketching out a packer build for an LXD container that builds rakudo, zef, documentable 22:01
I will try to make the CI results public. I've never done that with Buildkite, but since I'm in charge of that stuff at work, it's something I need to learn how to do for our open source projects :) 22:02
[Coke] (y) 22:07