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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman I've put this build on a schedule 18:46
This is my personal server so it can't be the authoritative CI, but I'll keep it running as long as I'm helping with docs.
lizmat coleman++ should I mention that in the next weekly? 18:58
coleman You know what? Let's not. What's more important is my Reddit post about deployment. 19:00
Ah, hell. Go ahead :) Link to it :)
If you link to the Buildkite CI, also link to the Packer build that creates the container that the CI runs in 19:01
Buildkite is $9/user per month. Which can add up for teams. But I love the paradigm of 1) they host the UI and the build queue, and 2) the actual builds execute inside my server 19:03
It's quite customizable
I am always doing something gnarly with my builds, so highly-standardized tools like CircleCI annoy me :D
This is the reddit post. I'm final_bawse on Reddit 19:04
lizmat coleman: I'll check again on Sun/Monday ok? 19:05
coleman Sounds good. Feel free to msg me
lizmat oki 19:09
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