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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman working on deploying the nextgen docs site to a domain i own 16:56
Got some good feedback on reddit
doing it on twitch 17:01
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sjn \o 17:24
coleman [Coke]: check it out 18:00
drakonis let me teach you about the wonders of reverse proxy! 18:04
coleman lol 18:13
it's a little slow w/o one, but it loaded for you, right? 18:14
drakonis it did, yeah. 18:18
coleman let's just make Cro and MoarVM faster! :)
drakonis i prefer reverse proxying to prevent the leaking of port info
coleman But yea I'll put a proxy in front
drakonis it is actually loading fast
coleman yeah after the cache warms up and your browser is probably caching too 18:19
it looks cool
I'll figure out the proxy thing soon and report back w/ a nice HTTPS site 18:20
drakonis so it does
i'd recommend caddy solely for the ease of doing so
coleman caddy is my proxy, normally
i haven't gotten lets encrypt certs on this domain before, though. it's a new purchase. 18:21
are you involved w/ docs team?
i'm still new, sorry. Dunno if you were at the meeting.
drakonis i'm not involved but i've joined here to help out where i can 18:27
caddy 1 or 2 btw? 18:28
its basically just reverse_proxy localhost:port and you're done
and caddy takes care of the rest
coleman caddy 2 18:29
but i just a caddyfile, not the api
drakonis well, you can do that with a caddyfile 18:30
i've been using it myself and it works well
uzl[m] I am getting "502 Bad Gateway" when I go to ( 18:39
Is it hosted somewhere else? 18:40
coleman I'd wager the site just wasn't kept online
uzl[m] Nvm, I just scrolled up and there's also now
coleman That's temporary, but I will try to have one online 24/7 18:41
But consider it unofficial! I'm new to Raku and I'm just trying to learn how to deploy stuff
uzl[m] Ah great!!!
coleman I'm a programmer by trade, though. So I'm pretty handy with linux
and general ops stuff 18:42
uzl[m] Don't worry about it ;-) Nice to have you onboard!!!
coleman thanks :)
uzl[m] For some reason, I thought you were [Coke] haha
coleman haha well it's "coleman" on irc and irl so nice to meet you 18:45
uzl[m] Nice to meet you! I am fairly new to Raku as well, on and off but more off than on haha 18:49
coleman it's so fascinating 18:52
drakonis it is nice, eyyy 18:57
i want to make a deployment tool that uses raku
i have big plans 19:07
coleman Do you have elements of existing tools you like? I'm pretty familiar with Chef, Salt, Terraform, and Puppet
I like some things from all of them, but none of them are *exactly* what I want :)
I hate Yaml, for instance :D 19:08
drakonis i have
i'm quite interested in the likes of guix and nix
i would like to allow all configuration to be done using the host language and let people map markup formats to it 19:09
coleman ah that is quite a different approach from the tools i mentioned
drakonis as opposed to making the markup format the default means of interaction
i want to also mix up some of the existing tools to provide flexibility
some of the elements, that is.
i like guix and nix but the execution falls short in some places 19:10
coleman Have you used the CUE config language yet?
it's less powerful than Nix or Dhall (no functions), but is easier to read, imo 19:11
drakonis i have not, no.
coleman I don't believe that a whole system can be orchestrated from pure declarative formats, rather having well-defined layers of declarative->imperative->declarative... is my philosophy 19:12
it's a very interesting problem space
(configuring machines, that is)
drakonis that is what i want to do
coleman If you like Nix, have a look at CUE. Logic-programming approach as opposed to functional, but they are clearly doing similar things 19:13
and, for what it's worth, it's way easier to use imo
it's just for data 19:14
I wrote a short tutorial
drakonis that would be interesting
that's a thing that would be quite fine 19:15
coleman the only CUE implementation is in Go, right now. I would LOVE to have a Raku one. But it's beyond my skills right now.
So it's fine to "shell out" to the cue binary in the meantime. 19:16
Okay I need to work on this raku docs CI a bit more 19:17
drakonis i know that nickel is going for a cue-style language
i really want me some bloody macros to do things the way i'm envisioning
abusing code pipelines for fun and profit
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coleman Okay I have enabled TLS and moved the site to port 443 20:28
oops I forgot that the actual server is running in a terminal window lol. Still not done. 20:33
An issue I didn't realize until just now 20:44
where is the actual content? and how should we start porting things over?
or is all that structure still TBD? 20:45
drakonis coleman: use tmux 22:00
if you dont have a service unit yet
coleman I set up a service unit 22:29