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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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patrickb sena_kun: I hope you had a great vacation! 07:35
sena_kun huh, if only. :/ 08:26
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patrickb Weren't you on vacation? 10:30
sena_kun well, I was, but the way back was terrible (had to have a flight in the evening, changing the airports took a whole night and then another flight, adding up to like 30 hours without sleep at all) and now I seem to have some weird state of a cold but not really cold. 10:46
there were some nice things for sure and I'll remember them later, forgetting how I feel now, but still I'm not refreshed, but exhausted.
patrickb Ouch. Then recover well! 10:52
[Coke] oof 13:57
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