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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] Jul 9th for meeting, I think. not quite monthly but let's get it on the calendar. 14:22
let me know if that's bad (want to avoid july 4th weekend here in the states) 14:30
sena_kun alright for me 15:41
I thought the call's gonna be this weekend, no?
[Coke] Never advertised it, so no 15:46
we can catch up here if needed, of course.
sena_kun got it, guess I mixed something up
[Coke] I think we need to get devops on board as next step for the new site.
no, it was the original idea, I just never followed through 15:47
sena_kun no, no "need" to do. I'm making some progress with the website, the update now should work (not deployed yet, I also replied to your concern in the ticket), plus fixing a couple of the major search issues.
[Coke] any blockers/interesting bugs reported on the new site?
yah, if there's a key required, no worries. I was concerned people would just be able to hit .../update and kick it off
sena_kun 1)Cro is one of the blockers; 2) 3)search issues I'm up to 15:48
also would be cool to have <meta> descriptions and robots.txt taken by someone before the real release.
those are real "blockers" i can think of.
s/are/are the/ 15:49
[Coke] is there a ticket on the cro issue? 15:50
sena_kun you mean reports in the cro repo or? 15:51
yes, and 15:52
[Coke] new docs site could use some eyes on and 16:53
coleman works for me 16:54
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