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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat wonders how the docs working group is doing in Houston 19:19
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[Coke] I have zero knowledge of anything going on there, so... 19:46
not great?
lizmat or I messed up timezones and or dates 19:48
[Coke] no, I mean I've heard *nothing*, not *nothing happening right this second* 19:49
[Coke] finds
"Current plans are to also have remote collaboration with prior contributors who cannot attend in person.
[Coke] sighs. 19:50
thanks for mentioning it, liz, or I would have never known.
lizmat only 30 mins to go or so, if I got my time calculation correct ? 19:57
[Coke] looks like. guifa said no one showed up, so they're working on other stuff 19:59
lizmat got that :-) 20:09
[Coke] afk 20:10
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