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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
patrickb oh. I was using 05:44
I'm on Android 10 using Firefox (Chrome bahaves the same). 05:45
I now tried on desktop as well. using Typing "garbage-col" into the search bar shows a "Not found, but you can try site search" which shows the correct link on hover over but does nothing when clicked. 08:26
When typing in "garbage-col" followed by a press of Return, google opens up but searches for "garbage". 08:27
Desktop chrome shows the same behavior. 08:29
I never had the page open in Chrome before, so the files can't be stale. 08:30
sena_kun wut 09:11
uzl[m], I don't know anything about the URL you sent, so unless it points to the :10010 address it might be outdated. 09:12
but yes, I can reproduce it, that's... weird.
ah, I see what's wrong 09:23
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