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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman Nice talk submission :) 19:07
[Coke] I have a loop that could start one or two Proc::Async items, but may skip either on any given iteration; can I still use the react {whenever} syntax? can I wrap the whenever block inside an if in the react?
sena_kun speaking of the talk, I think the last blocker for the website to go live was fixed last weekend, but from here I'm not sure how to proceed. 19:54
cc [Coke] coleman patrickb ^ 19:55
patrickb The question of where to host isn't resolved yet, right? 19:56
coleman Thanks for the update 19:58
patrickb sena_kun++ indeed
sena_kun patrickb, you mean the domain or the host itself? I thought we had some infra-related people and a server, no?
coleman There are details to work out. Let's start a wiki page that can anchor a discussion about deployment 19:59
unless one already exists in which case we can edit that
patrickb The host. I think we do. But as always time is sparse. Especially the time of others...
sena_kun true 20:00
patrickb I'm currently setting up the rakudo CI bot on my own server infrastructure so not to be blocked by waiting for the official infrastructure to find its way... 20:01
sena_kun afk for an hour 20:02
If the existing hosts are willing to keep hosting the docs site, then our goal will be to conform to their needs.
1. how they want things named, packaged 2. release cadence, notifications, etc. 3. automation possibility and capabilities 20:03
We can also start an issue for asynchronous discussion, unless one exists 20:04
but overall very exciting!
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[Coke] (what do I mean) ok to merge it 22:15
coleman I do not have permission to do so 22:27
[Coke] oops 22:34
done 22:35