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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] our CI tests don't run tests if doc/ didn't change. 16:36
which makes it annoying to test changes to lib/, t/, or xt/
(made a change, assume it passes, will delete it and force push and then merge to master) 16:39
sena_kun can we change the logic? 16:47
[Coke] Probably. I see now that the test is running that we're running with a progress bar indicator, which we don't want on a CI run 16:57
(generates a ton of output that will never be helpful to anyone looking at the output) 16:58
sena_kun I agree with tests, but lib/ should go away in the future, by the way 17:00
no news about CEO, by the way?
oops, sorry, SEO
this weekend I'll present a talk more or less explaining the overall structure transition
lizmat sena_kun: will you be doing it live ?? just wondering :-) 17:07
sena_kun I hope to record it tbh, but the deadline was yesterday, so you can tell I'm in a real pinch rn. : ) 17:09
too many things need my attention at once and this one is one of many with strict deadlines.
lizmat I think Andrew will prefer a recording in any case 17:11
much less issues with bandwidth
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sena_kun yes, true 17:12
a lot better for me also, less "eeh, ugh, how was this word again, eeeh", so let's hope I'll do it in time
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