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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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stevied34 when I try doing `make init-highlight` per the docs, I get a bunch of node errors 16:00
sorry, `make init-highlights` 16:01
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[Coke] As I recall, there is a very specific version of node that was required for that step - we are in progress on moving to a new UI; sena_kun, does the new UI rely on the same highlighter? 16:12
stevied ok. should I use the container? I didn't have any success figuring out how to use the container. 16:13
sena_kun [Coke], I'm not sure about the "exact" version bit as I never saw the problems myself, but I saw such claims, yes 16:14
stevied, which one do you want, the new website or the old one?
[Coke], while everyone are here, can you schedule a meeting?
: )
stevied I didn't realize there was a new one
[Coke] next weekend is bad for me. anyone else have restrictions this month? 16:15
stevied I'm just mostly fooling around with this trying to learn how it's supposed to work. I've successfully created a one big pdf from all the docs that I put on the ipad but it has some issues (many links don't work, for example) 16:16
what I'd really like to do is be able to generate the docs that are suitable for use as an ebook and sell it and donate proceeds to raku 16:17
it's nice to be able to markup the document with my pencil and take notes on it 16:19
[Coke] We did have the 'build a giant page' working years ago, but it fell into disrepair. Getting an ebook-ready format is in the backlog. If you'd like to take that on, more power to you. 16:20
I suspect you'd be better off doing it using a similar build mechanism (but different render target) rather than trying to render a single page and then converting that to an e-book, but I don't know for sure 16:21
anyway, welcome !
stevied I would like to take it on but I'm probably in over my head and would have to spend months on the project
[Coke] Join the club. :)
stevied the giant page feature does work, for the most part. it's usable when running on a server. Then I printed it to a PDF and added it to Apple's Books app. It works. But many of the links are now broken. 16:23
it's still better than nothing, though 16:24
I also exported to .epub and opened with an open source piece of software call calibre, but that's less usable. 16:25
the .epub version did not open at all on the apple books app. and when I tried to send it to my kindle device on my mac, it choked for some reason and didn't work.
by the way, the docs are 939 pages, not including the index on the left. with the index it's 1001 pages long 16:32
the index is the list of hyperlinks on the left hand side that links to each section of the doc 16:34
so what was the idea behind 16:57
when I run that container, I'm seeing docs from 3 years ago 16:58
sena_kun well, it gives you the Dockerfile you can build on your own?
that's if you want the old website
you can take a look at 16:59
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stevied ok, interesting. thanks 17:20
lizmat hmmm.. now that we have a raku-duc channel, maybe Geth should post commits etc here as well as on #raku ? 17:24
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lizmat ok, commits to the doc repo will now also be reported here... please let me know if you *do* feel this to be inconvenient 17:30
[Coke] lizmat++ 17:35
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[Coke] sena_kun++ 17:49
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