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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Nemokosch Hello, I'm trying to push docs site issues a little bit. About to open a new one about search, hopefully I can look into it myself. 12:50
[Coke] Yes, please. 12:53
(pushing, not necessarily self-solving)
(but that also: great)
Nemokosch It's great that I can host the site and it seems to work now 12:56
Also: what do we know about the state of the infrastructure part?
[Coke] Last I heard, sena-kun was pushing that with infra team (which I had been going to do but never followed through, glad he did so!) 12:58
sena_kun, lizmat: do you know if there's an email thread for that with infra?
(if so, please add me) 12:59
Also: did folks find the monthly meetings useful? If so, let's plan for one this November, say the 19th?
sena_kun I did 13:01
find them useful, I mean
[Coke], if you want to be cc to the emails, can you send me your email please? 13:02
Nemokosch in theory, it should be useful :) I think more interactions would help with many project management things, even in a voluntary effort 13:04
[Coke] 13:13
ok, so let's do the 19th at .. 11AM Eastern time? (dst change this weekend, I think)
sena_kun Should work for me. 13:14
I just CC'd you the emails.
[Coke] sena_kun++ Thank you for moving forward on this and not relying on me, seriously, not kidding. 13:15
thanks for the cc, appreciate it. 13:21
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Nemokosch can I also join? 13:42
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[Coke] of course. we were using jitsi, I'll repost the link in advance. 14:48
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Nemokosch sena_kun: what you called "weird UX" is the current behavior of the site :P 17:37
not only does enter open the hovered element but enters the last hovered element even when it states it would open something else 17:38
s/enters/enter opens/
sena_kun Nemokosch, wait, did I misread the ticket? 17:50
oh, I did 17:51
Nemokosch, yes, it should be fixed
I'll update the comment now.. 17:52
Nemokosch oh gotcha 17:59
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Nemokosch I think the answer should lie somewhere in the followLink function in search.js 17:59
sena_kun hope to get more motivation once it's sailed 18:01
Nemokosch fair... 18:04
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