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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Nemokosch I think it would be really good to get semi-formal feedback on this site proposal: 01:02
probably not the first time I'm bringing it up (and same goes for CIavash probably) 01:03
to declare intents, at least - is this meant to be "the new site" or not? 01:06
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[Coke] that's a site for \, not the docs site 04:21
CIAvash People have created tools for creating documentation websites with Hugo(the static site generator I used for the website). But that probably is not what you want, I think. 04:42
As for JS, the framework I like is Svelte( which has server side rendering with Sveltekit( But if that is too much and you want to use Cro for most things and use a framework for some JS things, maybe Solid framework( is another option; which claims to have a performance close to vanilla JS, but I have not used it myself. 04:48
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[Coke] I don't know that the stuff we're doing requires high performance; I expect that for docs (and other sites) optimizing for developer time is fine 14:18
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