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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Geth doc/document-are: 4 commits pushed by (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ 09:59
doc: 7b6f23e869 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | doc/Language/phasers.pod6
Fix typo in c<>
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lizmat Q: is the new doc site running using run-time templates? or is it basically static server-side ? 14:23
patrickb lizmat: It's using cro templates. So runtime, not static anymore. 14:42
lizmat ok, check
OOC, could the result of the template running be cached ?
patrickb I guess so. We might even consider not doing this in the docs software itself, but putting a completely separate http cache in front 14:52
lizmat was hoping that could be part of Cro, or a plugin 14:53
patrickb varnish or similar
[Coke] I would love it if we ended up with a full Raku stack, but using cro is a big win already. 15:57
(for eat-our-own-dogfood reasons)
Altai-man lizmat, it uses run-time templates, but they are compiled 16:45
it's not static server-side
lizmat, it's already cached, otherwise it'd be 100x times slower than needed
lizmat but the caching is done by an man in the middle, right ? 16:46
Altai-man yes
lizmat ok, understood
Altai-man wait, no
depending on where is the "middle". :)
lizmat the first one, from the originating server :-) 16:47
Altai-man you can lookup implementation, it's pretty short (well, raku), but what it does essentially is just a hash with strings. on each request we check if we have the page there and if yes, just serve the text, but otherwise go the long route.
it's not external caching of some server in front
lizmat ah? Interesting... 16:48
Altai-man I think it was the KISSish solution I could think of at that time 16:59 <- like this 17:00
lizmat I see... :-)
Altai-man horrible, right? :) 17:07
lizmat possibly: so the cache is in memory only? 17:15
Altai-man yes 17:20
on average the app can work for weeks, so it's not a problem 17:21
lizmat the IRClogs server saves the rendered daily and index pages on disk 17:27
I once had the hope to serve them directly from disk with SendFile in Cro... 17:28
but that appears to be one bridge too far
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[Coke] JSON::Fast to-json :pretty could use a way to stabilize ordering 20:27
ah, already exists. nifty 20:29
timo++ lizmat++ 20:33
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lizmat timo++ did that 21:21
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Nemokosch Hi, so... just a quick reiteration. What do you think of allowing Github Discussions - and possibly rolling them out for multiple Raku repositories 23:57
I can open an issue for it if that's the problem.:P  I just hate to open badly designed issues so it comes with quite a big overhead on my side. 23:58