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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth ¦ doc: coke self-assigned Too many :skip-tests 00:02
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Geth doc/master: 7 commits pushed by Coke++ 00:41
[Coke] the :tolerance item I found because there was a skipped test saying it should work and I was trying to unskip tests. 00:42
Geth doc: coke assigned to Altai-man Issue Create a deployable version of the doc infrastructure
127a7016a6 | Coke++ | doc/Language/compilation.pod6

minimum to close #3388
doc: coke self-assigned Documentation of Supply.split|comb
e2e6e179b5 | Coke++ | 262 files

Add xt/ test to stop them from recurring
Closes #3058
[Coke] .tell nemokosch might be of interest to you 01:40
ENOBOT is a good subset of "stuff to work on" 01:41
[Coke] closes about 20 tickets 02:26
Do we still want a call this weekend? 02:35
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