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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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Nemokosch This sounds good and all but now we have one less reason to fix something that has a heavy legacy from plugins and LSP's to github 11:20
Not saying that I've put a lot of work into it but still, I just managed to get highlighting working with vanilla JS like a month ago and now it's going to get ditched? 11:21
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Nemokosch I think this is a perfect example of having different motives. "Ceteris paribus", as the economist would say, it's a net win to use a more compact and more accurate executable highlighter. However, since the community as a whole cannot just get rid of the bulkier, less accurate highighter, it would be beneficial to fix that instead, and then we might as well use it, rather than outsource one more thing to Go. 11:31
Sorry for this quasi-venting but I think this fits the bigger picture with and the last couple of years. "Official" things have been abandoned and now people are trying to come up with whatever works for them, trying to "outsource" whatever has been abandoned to whoever who feels like creating something (anything) else instead. I think history will only repeat itself this way - this people will move on in a couple of 11:41
d then the "Raku community" is left with nothing.
I disagree with this practice but admittedly I can't resurrect most things on my own, in my freetime, so I cannot present immediate solutions most of the time. 11:42
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[Coke] "yes, we need a bigger community"\ 14:05
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[Coke] As a long sufferring member of the community (shortly after 2000), I agree completely. 14:05
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[Coke] is surprised he's still around, honestly. 15:04
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Nemokosch Hm, yes, I think we kind of do need one. :D 16:20
Anyway, I'm not trying to shut people down who actually get something done that is beneficial for Raku in any sense. 16:21
I just think we need to deal with the legacy as well, and especially those things that are "official", because that's still the biggest guarantee that something won't get hopelessly abandoned. 16:23
For example, right now I don't think *replacing* with would be a good idea. However, for the time being, we could advertise as the nicest and most functioning, pure Raku module site. We could even put a banner to that somehow expresses that it's nicer and that it may take a long time until can get that nice. 16:26
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lizmat Why spend time on something that is not even running on Raku ? 16:45
Altai-man good tools are convenient, convenient tools is a pro for people to join, more people to join is more resources to work on areas where Raku lacks something compared to the tools used to write the good tools 17:01
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NemokoschKiwi "Why spend time on something that is not even running on Raku ?" 22:37
I tend to ask (myself or out loud) this question when CIAvash brings another actual working solution to a problem, which happens to be written in Go. But beggars can't be choosers. 22:38
It's not my business to shut other people down; I can decide if I can / am willing to contribute to it, and I can have an opinion if it is beneficial on a community level and how much 22:40
For myself, I usually spend time on something that isn't even running on Raku... to make it run on Raku. 22:41
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NemokoschKiwi I'm badly waiting for the holidays to come so that I can allocate big bulks of time and dedicate them to one thing, rather than fluctuating between everything while somehow trying to get away from daytime job I'm already very much "power saver mode" about 22:45
and then maybe we could see more of the post-mowyw site, for example 22:46
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[Coke] my tuit are all inconveniently shaped these days 22:50
*tuits 22:51